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Desi shooters by mixologist Irfan Ahmed


GLASS: Shot glass. Rimmed with a mix of salt, rock salt and white pepper powder.


Phuchkas and spicy masala potato from your favourite phuchkawallah!

Infused vodka, 45ml (100g ripe seedless tamarind and 15g roasted cumin seeds infused into 500ml of vodka overnight. Fine-strain and refrigerate for use)

Fresh tomato juice, 60ml

Fresh orange juice, 30ml

Fresh lemon juice, 15ml

HP sauce, 10ml

Chopped green chilli, 1

Chopped coriander, ˝tsp

Chaat masala, 2 pinches

Ripe tamarind paste, ˝tsp

Salt to taste


Mix all the above ingredients, adjust to taste and refrigerate.

Now pour the chilled pre-mix into the salt-crusted shot glasses and place large-sized crispy phuchkas stuffed with masala potato on top of the shot glasses.


GLASS: Shot glass.


Spiced rum, 10ml

Vanilla vodka, 10ml

Yogurt, 20ml

Saffron-sugar syrup, 5ml

Condensed milk, 5ml

Cream, 1tbsp

A pinch of grated nutmeg


Add all the above ingredients along with 4-5 cubes of ice (large) in a pre-chilled cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds.

Pour the shaken mix into a shot glass laced with chocolate syrup.

Decorate the glass with grated chocolate and orange slivers.

Serve the drink well-propped on a gujiya. Goes really well with spicy Thai and Bengali cuisines.


GLASS: Sherry glass and shot glass


Finely crushed ice and a satay stick

For the sherry glass base:

Cointreau, 10ml

Cranberry juice, 10ml

White wine, 10ml

For the ice gola first dip:

White rum, 10ml

Blue curacao, 10ml

Fresh lemon juice, 5ml

For the ice gola second dip:

Vodka, 10ml

Grenadine, 10ml

Fresh lemon juice, 5ml


In a mixing tin, add Cointreau, cranberry juice and white wine to 4-5 cubes of ice. Stir for 7-8 seconds. Transfer the mix into a sherry glass over 4-5 pieces of white candy or a colourful assortment.

In a large shot glass, put finely crushed ice (make sure it’s not watery) and plunge 2/3 of the satay stick into the ice to form the gola. Firmly hold the satay stick and gently rotate the shot glass clockwise to release the gola from the shot glass.

lDip the gola into the first dip till it takes on the bluish colour of the drink and is flavoured through. Pick it out and dip into the second dip. Place the gola in a shot glass over a few candies (you can use fruits and sweets instead, too) and prop the shot glass on the sherry glass which already holds the Cointreau mix.

Diwali is here and everyone is in the mood to drink, eat, play poker, be merry and drink some more! Here are some tips that will help you

manage your hangover, so you can actually make it to work the next morning!


Try not to drink on an empty stomach. Avoid carbohydrates before you start drinking. It will hasten the alcohol absorption in your body.

Avoid having shots. Stick to something you can sip on slowly. Shots make it difficult to track the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.

Drink plenty of water in between your drinks. The more hydrated you stay, the less likely you are to wake up with a hangover.

Don’t mix your drinks. It is the biggest sin of the night. True story.

Remember your body takes about an hour to process the alcohol. So don’t chug it all down one after another. Stop drinking an hour or so before you decide to leave.


Drink plenty of water. You have a hangover because your body is dehydrated. Drink fruit juices to boost your vitamin level.

A big mistake is having tonnes of coffee and tea to get rid of the headache. That is a big NO-NO! It will only dehydrate you further. A mild cup might not harm you, though.

If it’s really bad and you can’t even think straight, take an antacid for your stomach and a rehydration supplement sachet.

Banana and kiwi are high in potassium. They are the perfect hangover shakes. One of these and you should be good to go. Tried and tested.

Last but not the least, rest your body, get plenty of sleep and try and relax. In a couple of hours you should be fit and ready for another night of insane fun!

Neha Srivastava

How do you get rid of a hangover? Tell

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