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Cosmetic cures

I like to keep it simple when it comes to make-up and believe it or not, I haven’t gone for a facial yet. However, I moisturise my skin daily using L’Occitane’s Crème Divine. For my lip gloss I prefer YSL as it offers a great choice of colours and most importantly keeps my lips more moisturised and prevents them from becoming dry and flaky. For eye make-up my pick would be Estée Lauder. I particularly like its kohl as it is non-smudge and easy to use.

I’ll soon turn 28 and am really concerned about my facial skin. I have oily skin and just use a facewash in the morning. Could you please enlighten me on what is the correct age to start going for facials and please recommend the kind of facial treatments I must opt for and how often. I also have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads on my face. Please advice.


An oily barrier on the skin isn’t such a bad thing to have because the skin is well protected and stays looking younger for longer. It can, however, be a bit of a magnet for dust and dirt and when the oil is excessive it needs to be brought under control. This can be easily done with this skincare plan:

Cleanse with a water soluble purifying cleanser.

Exfoliate gently with a grainy scrub in circular motion concentrating on blackheads and whitehead prone areas.

Tone using an alcohol-free purifying toner.

Moisturise with an oil-free or an oil-absorbing or mattifying product that’ll minimise the appearance of large pores and will absorb any excess oil, leaving you shine-free and making a perfect base for make-up.

Generally, the time to start getting professional facials is when the skin is starting to change — when blackheads, bumps and breakouts start to appear. For some, that may be at 14 and others it may be later. Facials are very

individual. It is recommended that you have a facial monthly, although there are a lot of things to take into account. If you are a person who looks after your skin very well and know how to maintain your skin, then once a month would be fine. If you don’t have time for masks, exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising, then your skin will need treatments more often. When you go for a facial, ask your beautician about the condition of your skin, discuss what you want from your facial and she will advise you accordingly and also guide you on how to care of your skin at home.

Getting professional skincare advice early will give you good habits for a lifetime.