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Was in Singapore and Doha a few weeks ago to do back to back quizzes for the Indian Diaspora. The event in Qatar was a traditional inter-school event (we do similar shows in other Gulf States) but the Singapore show was a true blue ‘Open Quiz’; a motley crew of bankers, university students, young couples and school kids. About 10 years ago we had shot a TV quiz, on location, in Singapore — Hrithik Roshan was our guest of honour, but that is a story for another column. After the preliminary rounds we quickly figured that the standard of quizzing here was good. The event was broadcast on a Singaporean channel. We cannot wait to get back to that little country for more quizzing and, of course, ‘chicken - rice’


1. In 1966, who on his first space mission accompanied David Scott as the command pilot of Gemini VIII?

Sayan Majumder, Calcutta

2. The scientific name of which animal means ‘black and white cat foot’?

Abhijit Ghosh, Calcutta

3. If you were looking at the Rashtriya Panchanga, what would you be looking at?

Nilanjana Gupta, Calcutta

4. Which mountain was discovered and measured in 1856 by Colonel T G Montgomerie of the Survey of India?

Anik Bose, Calcutta

5. The original designs for which form of temple architecture originated among the Newars of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal?

Biswajit Saha, Calcutta

6. Who has authored the book The Idea of Justice?

Debottam Roy, Calcutta

7. According to the Flag Code of India, which band should appear on the right with reference to the flag, when displayed vertically?

Alok Chatterjee, Ranchi

8. Where was the first IIT set up in 1950?

Supratim Sinha, Guwahati

9. Which was the first wing of the Indian Armed Forces to induct women into the combat role?

Sromona Chatterjee, Calcutta


According to the Sejarah Melayu, a Malay chronicle, the city was founded by the Srivijayan prince Sri Tri Buana; he is said to have glimpsed a tiger, mistaken it for a lion, and thus called the settlement Singapura.


Which traveller acquired the name of Mokshdeva at the Nalanda University?

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Winner of the Answer and Win

Quiz published on 28.10.12

Sromona Chatterjee, Calcutta

In 1921, what did Frederick Banting and Charles Best isolate as a pancreatic extract for the first time?

The Answer is: Insulin

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Identify this entrepreneur


1. Identify this actor



2. Identify this author




1. Neil Armstrong
2. Giant Panda
3. Calendar
4. K2
5. Pagoda
6. Amartya Sen
7. Saffron
8. Kharagpur
9. Indian Air Force

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