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Saturday , November 10 , 2012
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The power of four

There are two things about a four-hand massage that you didn’t know. First, that the right and left sides of your body can be massaged simultaneously, something you don’t get in a one-hand massage. Second, you feel twice as ticklish!

But the occasional squeal of laughter is worth every long, flowing stroke by the two therapists as part of the newly-introduced four-hand massage at Aura, the quiet, restful spa by The Park poolside.

“The four-hand massage gives quicker pain relief and relaxation as compared to a two-hand massage, as twice the work is being done to your body. You get twice as much work into your muscles in the same amount of time,” explains the therapist over a cup of warm green tea that is sipped to wash away the toxins and get you into relax mode before the treatment.

What follows as you enter the pamper den is spa music — which has got to be the second best kind of ‘music to your ears’ after what you moved to at Roxy last night, ironically a therapeutic stone’s throw away from Aura! And then the pampering begins.

At first, your mind may try to keep track of the movement of four hands, somehow trying to fit it in all logically, but you soon give up and give in to the powerful treatment. This massage also works better for those who find it hard to let go of everyday thoughts during a spa.

With olive oil as the base, the therapists use oils specially made at Aura, with names like Spirituality, Happiness and Innocence. And that’s how you feel too!

Now wanted: An eight-hand massage.

Karo Christine Kumar


Stand with your back towards a wall, half a foot away from it. Bend forward with your palms touching the ground. You can bend your knees. Try to increase the space between your feet and palms. Move your palms forward, stretching your upper body. Move your feet backward, till your heels touch the wall. Make sure your fingers and toes are spread wide, with space in between. Hold the pose and breathe normally.

Keep your elbows and knees straight when you hold the position. Make sure your neck and head are aligned as you look down. Feel your body stretch, still your mind and feel yourself relaxing. Stay in the full pose for a few seconds and repeat 5-8 times with regular breathing.

Release the pose, turn around facing the wall. Repeat the asana, with your hands against the wall this time and your heels flat on the ground, without the support of the wall. Hold the pose for a few seconds and repeat 5-8 times with regular breathing.

Round this session off with Shavasana, putting your feet up on a chair and resting for a few minutes. Ensure that your calves get support from the chair seat. Close your eyes and go for a mini meditation session before you face your computer again!

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