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Friday , November 9 , 2012
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SRK aims for Chikni Chameli

If you thought they sizzle in the Jab Tak Hai Jaan promos, then get a look at Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif’s chemistry in the new ad for Lux, to be unveiled on November 13, the day the Yash Chopra romance hits theatres.

The Bolly superstars will endorse two new sensuous variants — Lux Peach and Cream and Lux Strawberry and Cream — in their first-ever endorsement together.The fun campaign, in which SRK will be seen serenading Kat and getting bekaboo — in Lux-speak — in the process, has been shot and directed by French ad maker Juan Delcan, while the Sufi-inspired theme song has been composed by Gulzar and sung by Sonu Niigaam.

Will we see the quintessentially romantic Shah Rukh in this ad?

People blame me for being romantic too often, and in this case, the object of love or desire is Katrina and she’s very beautiful. A fragrance emanates from her after she’s taken a bath with Lux and I get carried away because it reminds me of being happy… it reminds me of being in love. I hate saying this but I’m a lover and I’m not tough. I think it’s really sweet what I am playing — it’s a guy who’s singing a song which has sad strains and suddenly he smells something and he goes completely out of control because it reminds him of being in love.

What do you think of the song composed for the campaign?

I really like the song. I am not too musically inclined but this is fantastic. I like the words of the song a lot. Gulzar saab has penned them and I am too small to comment on the greatness of Gulzar saab. I always say that I have done the most wonderful work with him. Chhaiya chhaiya (Dil Se) and now Challa (from Jab Tak Hai Jaan), and he always is outstandingly amazing and beautiful.

Were you looking forward to romancing Katrina yet again, even if it was for a commercial?

She’s extremely talented, extremely beautiful, extremely gentle and endearing. I do miss having not worked with her earlier but I don’t know, Lux should have called upon us before. I think I was not pretty enough for Lux (laughs), so now that I have become pretty I have this chance and so I thank you for allowing me to work with Katrina Kaif! I have just finished a film with her, I have done a couple of shows with her but the quality I like about her is that she makes it easy. I know people find it funny but I learn a lot from her because it’s a new experience for me to work with actors who do things differently and she does it very differently. To dance with her, I don’t have to do much because she leads.… You know, I am still telling her to teach me Chikni Chameli steps. That’s my ultimate goal as a creative actor — to learn the Chikni Chameli steps. She’ll kill me for saying this!