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Tuesday , October 30 , 2012
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Yami Gautam on cooking kadai chicken only when she wants to ‘impress’!

We have heard that you love cooking...

Yes, I love cooking but I am not sure whether people love eating that! (Laughs)

Have you been cooking since you were a kid?

Not at all! Once I attempted to bake a cake and made halwa out of it! Once I wanted to make bhindi and I cut the vegetables and washed them. So it became... I don’t know what! I have had several such disasters. I think now I have become a decent cook and I cook chicken pretty well. (Smiles)

How did you develop this love for cooking?

If I know that it is only me who has to cook and I really want to cook, then it is going to end up being a very nice dish. It is very rare that we get time... but, of course, as my mother says, we should know everything. I will learn!

So what does Yami cook best?

I cook good Kadai Chicken. When I am desperate to impress, that yes, I can cook, that’s what makes it special! I can cook Indian dishes pretty well. I am learning to make salads. I am a decent cook.

And who’s on your ‘desperate to impress’ list?

I think my own family!

No boyfriends?

You think I am going to tell you that?! (Laughs)

What are some of your favourite spices?

All the spices are always in my kitchen. It has to be a good blend.

What is it that you love eating the most?

It is my mother’s rajma... not regular rajma but from our side, the pahari-style rajma. It is called Chamba Ke Rajma and it is yum. My mother’s love is the secret ingredient!

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