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Thursday , October 11 , 2012
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Strength and conditioning coach Ranadeep moitra shows us how actor Indraneil Sengupta sculpts that hot bod!


Barbell Clean & Press: The gold standard for strength, it is the most basic of all lifting moves. You have to master the clean and press before graduating to more complex lifting movements. This exercise promotes strength and mobility in every joint of the body — from the ankle right up to the shoulder.




Cable Chest Press: This is my improvisation on a bench press as the action is the same but unlike the press where the body is artificially supported by the bench, here the entire back has to act as a stabiliser for the front in a force-couple relationship. This makes the exercise “real” and functionally more effective.






Overhead Squat: Whether this is the ultimate exercise in the gym is debatable but it sure gives the biggest bang for your muscle buck! The overhead squat improves your flexibility, stability, strength and coordination and builds a core like rock. By opening up the thoracic spine, it promotes postural benefits. Start with a very light rod, even a wooden dowel and build up gradually.







One Arm Cable Pull: This is an extremely versatile move and every muscle right from the foot, up the legs, lower back, middle back and shoulders gets worked out in complete sling action. A pulling action is an important primal movement, indispensable for the proper firing pattern of the posterior chain of muscles.



Ranadeep on Indraneil:

My mentor, Paul Chek, likes to say that if a movement is ugly, it probably is! Indraneil does not have an ugly bone in his body. He is a terrific and willing learner and an absolute delight to work with. He puts in loads of hard effort, sometimes starting as early as 5.30 in the morning to finish his training before shooting. I don’t see that kind of dedication in most actors.

Indraneil on Ranadeep:

A few months back, I had terrible cervical spondylosis and tried all forms of treatment modalities but to no avail. I thought I would never be able to train hard again. I could not even sleep without using two pillows. Then I came to Ranadeep and he assured me that I would be able to get back to strength training and running (my number one love) if I trained correctly, using corrective and functional pattern movements. After three months of training under his guidance, my pain has reduced by almost 80 per cent and I can once more perform all the exercises and even some new, difficult ones!


Indraneil, if you had to prioritise your fitness essentials, what would they be?

When I was younger, it was centred more towards cosmetic development — loads of repetitions with weights and running several miles. But my training methods have evolved over time and presently, I concentrate more on functional strength, flexibility and corrective movement patterns. Also, keeping myself injury-free and prolonging training years is the top goal.

How do you find time to exercise given your busy shooting schedule?

Exercise is a bit of an obsession with me and I don’t need too much motivation. Honestly, I believe that the busiest person can find time for exercise as, say, Anil Ambani does. He goes for a long run almost every morning.

Which Bollywood (or sporting) hero inspires you physically?

In my early years, I used to be a big fan of Salman Khan’s physique but now I feel Akshay Kumar’s body has more balance and grace. In the sports arena, I think Cristiano Ronaldo is a physical specimen and I love David Beckham’s overall physical charisma; I think he is a huge style icon.

And among the women?

Barkha (Bisht, wife) has one of the best bodies in both Bollywood and here. I like women to be slender and toned, not too bulky or big. She fits the look. Shilpa Shetty is pretty amazing too. On the international front, I admire Nicole Scherzinger (The Pussycat Dolls).