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Wednesday , October 10 , 2012
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Little champ

Simran Ahmed,Class VII, St John’s School, Rehabari

This wannabe grandmaster’s soft-spoken and shy nature belies her go-get-what-you-want attitude. Chess apart, there’s Odissi, modern dance, gymnastics, art, and at times modelling and drama on 12-year-old Simran Ahmed’s after-school activity plate.

“My aim in life is to become a grandmaster one day. I also want to excel in dance,” she says.

In 2009, she took up chess and started learning the nuances of the mind game under Pranab Nath at the P.C. Borooah Academy.

“I bagged top honours in two state competitions — under-9 and under-13 —in the first year itself. I won under-11, under-12 and under-13 titles in the subsequent years. In 2011, I won the under-11 title in the Northeast chess championships in Shillong and also became Assam’s second youngest chess player to be rated by the World Chess Federation,” the lanky girl, who already stands five-feet-four inches tall, says.

Simran was placed 19th at the Asian School Chess in Delhi in December last year. “Over 500 players took part in the meet,” she adds.

And it’s not just chess that the versatile girl has won laurels in. She had bagged top honours in Odissi at the Agra festival in January. In June, she excelled in Odissi, modern dance and Bihu at the Pune festival.

With such a packed schedule, it’s almost a race against time for the little girl. “Her schedule is packed and at times she has to miss school. Barring Monday, she attends modern dance classes at Dolphin Dance Academy on Rajgarh Road in the evenings. On Friday, she learns Odissi under Debabrata Baruah at home. Besides, she attends gymnastics sessions at RG Barua sports complex six days a week,” her mother Jubin Sultana, a radio artiste, said.

Simran has also had a stint in modelling and drama. “Designer-choreographer Dipankar Kashyap had guided her. She has walked the ramp in several shows,” says Jubin, adding, “Simran also had a stint in drama at artiste Baharul Islam’s Seagull Theatre.” About Simran’s studies, her mother says, “She is a quick learner and spends a couple of hours at the study table at night”.

The normal colour of permanent teeth is greyish white, greyish yellow or yellowish white. The colour is determined by translucency and thickness of the outer part of the tooth called enamel, the thickness and colour of the inner part called dentin and the core called pulp

Dr Chiranjib Chakravorty, associated with Modern Dental Clinic, throws light on discoloration of teeth


Discoloration of the outer surface of the teeth may be caused by the habit of chewing tobacco, betelnut, paan or gutkha; smoking; excessive drinking of coffee, consumption of soft drinks and citrus fruits; ageing; drinking water contaminated with iron; lack of oral hygiene like irregular or improper brushing; certain medicines or material used for restoration of teeth.

Sometimes stains within the enamel of tooth in certain individuals become visible due to translucency of enamel. If a tooth is broken, it may also cause discoloration.


Non-consumption of products such as tobacco and paan.Drinking purified water. Proper brushing and flossing. However, discolouration due to stains inside the enamel or injury to teeth cannot be prevented.


Scaling and polishing teeth can remove stains caused by products such as tobacco, cigarettes, gutkha and paan. Discolouration that cannot be treated by this procedure has to be treated by bleaching.