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Wednesday , October 10 , 2012
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Relax, lady, they are new-age painters

Oct. 9: Nalini Devi, a resident of Ganesh Nagar in Basistha, was initially surprised at the antics of a group of youths who always used to keep their lights on, at times all night.

However, her suspicion turned to respect when she realised that the youths were artists with a different vision towards life, reflected at a painting exhibition inaugurated at the Gauhati Artists’ Guild this evening.

“Sometimes, I found the lights of their room, which I rented out, switched on the whole night. Initially, when they approached me asking for a room, I was apprehensive, seeing their long hair and strange appearance. But now I feel that even my son has benefited from them,” said Nalini, about the members of Anga, the organisers of the exhibition.

For the past two years, this group has been experimenting with different styles of painting.

Painter Munin Bhattachjarya, at the exhibition this evening, said, “A painter’s life is not confined to office hours. They can work at midnight or sometimes all through the night. A place where they can gather at any time without facing annoyed eyes is a great thing.”

“I, too, am thinking of providing a space for young artists in a plot of land where they can come and work freely, like we did when we were young. I have even talked to artist Kishore Kumar Das about it,” said Nani Borpujari.

The members of Anga are students and alumni of the Government Arts College in Basistha.

At the exhibition, Kishore Das praised them for doing something out of the box — organising an exhibition inside the classroom of the gallery, with their own unique touch.

In his painting, Gunin Chetia used fish as an image of the indigenous community of the state. According to him, fish is intrinsically associated with the life and customs of different indigenous communities for which it can be used as a powerful image to represent them. “Fish is a part of life and custom of the indigenous communities. Through fish I have tried to express my desires and ideas in the paintings,” said Chetia.

Anupam Saikia, in his painting titled Here I am, looking on attempted to reflect eroticism in a backdrop close to his home in Gohpur in Sonitpur.

Writers Birendra Nath Datta and Atulananda Goswami were also present.