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Friday , September 21 , 2012
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Neelam shines through

Actress-turned-jewellery designer Neelam Kothari will be in town on Friday to launch her collection at H.M. Diwan Jewellers (91A/1 Park Street), where it will be on display till Sunday. A chat with Neelam on her jewels and life with actor Samir Soni.

What will you showcase at H.M. Diwan Jewellers?

It’s my latest collection thoughtfully put together, keeping in mind the upcoming festive season, especially weddings. It’s a range of bridal, party and also daily wear.

What are the best-sellers in this collection?

Definitely the coloured stones. I personally love incorporating them into my designs. I feel it makes a piece look more interesting and it enhances the look. One of the best-sellers is my solid kadas. They are easy to wear and you can wear them in the day and night. They look stunning!

What’s your latest stone buy?

I’ve always loved sapphire but lately I have discovered that I cannot wear it for astrological reasons. So I’ve found comfort in Tanzanite. I love the colour. My last buy was a Tanzanite ring and pendant, made by me of course!

With the wedding season coming up, what are some of the bridal must-haves?

I think ethnic jewellery is a must, so probably a jadau set. That apart, a set that a bride can wear not only on her special day but also later. There is no fun if the jewellery is so heavy that it can never be worn again!

What jewellery did you wear on your wedding?

Years ago, my father had got a stunning ruby-and-diamond set made that he kept for my wedding. I wore it on that day. It’s a classic piece, fortunately a versatile one! I like to wear it sometimes, not as a set but maybe just the earrings.

A piece of jewellery Samir has given you that you treasure...

My wedding ring — a baguette diamond.

A piece of jewellery you gifted your husband that he loves...

(Laughs) I wish! I have gifted him countless rubies and solitaires but Samir hates jewellery. He doesn’t wear any of it. The one and only thing he would wear is his wedding band but he doesn’t wear that anymore either.

Do you think men should wear jewellery?

The maximum they should wear is the wedding band. Beyond that they can wear cufflinks.

An heirloom you treasure...

An antique jade pendant my mother bought in Hong Kong and gifted to me. It is not very expensive. It is not even made of precious stones. I love it because it’s from her. The way it is assembled makes it look like a Ganesha.

Your day and night jewellery?

Jewellery for any occasion is a very personal choice. During the day, I like to wear my studs and rings. I am not much of a bracelet person. On my hands, I just like to wear a chunky watch. At night, I keep my accessories a little more dressy.

Classic or trendy — your accessory pick.

assic and timeless.

How is life after marriage?

It is just a little more hectic. Before marriage, I lived with my parents and my mother would handle all the housework and I would just be concerned with my work. Now I have to do it all — run a house and take care of my husband who has very erratic hours. It’s a lot more responsibility.

One thing you love about Samir and one thing Samir loves about you…

I love that he is a no-nonsense person. What you see is what you get. He doesn’t mince words. He is a simple and sweet guy. As far as I’m concerned, I think he loves my ability to maintain relations with people. I am great at multi-tasking — my friends’ circle, housework, my own work... it always functions smoothly. I think he envies my ability more than he loves it! (Laughs)

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