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Sunday , September 2 , 2012
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Striking while the coal’s hot

The tension was palpable. Just an hour earlier, they had been sitting happily huddled together over buttered toast and coffee. The men discussed cricket, and the women felt the weave of each other’s saris. But at the stroke of 11, they rose, briskly walking into the two houses of Parliament fr...   | Read..

Fix my phone, and life

I used to think the department of motor vehicles (DMV) was the best place to find a collection of individuals in catatonic st...   | Read..

Fishing for men

Anne de Courcy says her book on 400 years of the sexual engagement between the people of the United Kingdom and of India is &...   | Read..

To say or not to say

It has all the makings of a Grisham novel — an economist fighting a large corporation. But unlike the American writer...   | Read..

Catwalk queens and wannabe stars

“You need chutzpah and an I-don’t-give-a-damn-attitude, babe,” Nagma had been told on the first day of the ...   | Read..

Where family comes first

celebrity circus
Watching Akshay Kumar have a quiet dinner for two with his full blown, pregnant wife Twinkle (also called Tina) at Sun--Sa...   | Read..
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Striking while the coal’s hot
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