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Friday , August 31 , 2012
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Salt Lake

The stink... & the sting

For almost a month now, residents of CF Block are going about their household activities pinching their noses. Their windows are kept shut to stop a stink from entering. They leave and enter their homes with their trousers folded up several inches to...  | Read.. 
Rs 1000 fine for storing water
If civic health officials find stagnant water in your house left for more than a week then you will have to shell out Rs 1,00 ...  | Read.. 
A neighbour called dengue
Apropos the article “Sting attack” published on August 24, I have been suffering from dengue for the past two we ...  | Read.. 
Balaka soccer cup for Salt Lake team
The strip of a park is not big enough anymore to accommodate two full-fledged football teams. BD Park is a shrunken remnant o ...  | Read.. 
Tale of tardy tabla player
For once a programme in Salt Lake was starting on time. Chief guest former MP Bikram Sarkar had arrived and was delivering h ...  | Read.. 
Life with diabetes: measures and myths
Science has not yet been able to cure diabetes but there are many ways to keep it in check. ...  | Read.. 
Shopkeepers of Salt Lake admit that the peak season for selling mosquito repellents is generally winter but this year sales a ...  | Read.. 
Purer water for township tanks
Residents of Salt Lake may be down with dengue but they will not suffer from water-borne diseases. That is a consolation that ...  | Read.. 
Its rich biodiversity and beauty make Salt Lake a paradise for photography-maniacs like myself. I am a student of Class XI of Apeejay School Salt Lake. All these shots were taken in Central Park and its surroundings. I used Canon SX 130 has which served me faithfully. Avisek Pramanik, EE Block