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Little Big Breakups

Quietly in her room, Devika slit her wrist. And then, with her blood, she wrote her ex-boyfriend’s name on the wall. Her parents found her before it was too late. Devika’s physical wounds have healed in these eight months, but depression still stalks her....   | Read..

Cat among the pigeons

Kaushal Kishore Rai is a gifted man. He can sense a tiger’s presence just by the sights and sounds inside the jungles. ...   | Read..

Love and lust in Bhutan

At first there is disbelief. Then hesitation. Night hunting is not something the average urban Bhutanese wishes to discuss. A...   | Read..

Chocolate diet for daddy

I have always fervently supported my children in their extracurricular endeavours. My only rule is that my personal health an...   | Read..

This bird has flown

K. Ranganathan, who had just taken voluntary retirement, was keen to invest his money in some paying scheme. When he heard ab...   | Read..

Reel life turns to real life

Her landlord asked her to leave. Her neighbours looked askance at her. But that didn’t stop Ranchi’s Akhtari Bai,...   | Read..

A hit with a dodgy subtext

celebrity circus
It’s a very happy Eid for us, Salman’s film is a huge hit,” exulted Salim Khan as he accepted greetings in ...   | Read..
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Little Big Breakups
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