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Monday , August 13 , 2012
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The methodology: We came up with 12 categories with five options each in consultation with the t2 campus team. A survey was then conducted among 30 Calcuttans between 13 and 35 years. Who/what are your gamechangers in these categories? Tell [email protected]




















The one thing they would change in the world if they had the power

Raima Sen, actress If I had the power I would change not one but a lot of things related to children. For example, I want to put an end to child abuse. I would introduce benefit schemes for schooling, medicare and sports facilities to encourage talented children. I would concentrate on children in villages, organise awareness programmes with children from urban schools, provide monetary aid and scholarships for rural schools.

Riya Sen, actress I’d like to see a change in the education system so that more people are aware, conscious and just basically literate so that they can grow and expand their minds and see life for what it is. Education imparts the right amount of knowledge which an individual can then expand upon. A world has many minds but each mind is capable of a world of its own. Most of the problems in our world arise because of the mentalities of people — after all, it’s people who run the world.

Parno Mittra, actress If I had the power to change anything in the world I would make sure I could abolish illiteracy. Fact is, my real list is endlessly pointless. I would make designer clothes cheaper than street clothes! Cosmetics would come for free like leaflets with newspapers. At the beginning of the month all shopaholics would be taken to Paris and Milan and offered a 50 per cent discount on everything they bought! If your phone bills exceed a certain amount you would get a phone free, plus BBM services, too, would be free! On a serious note, working on abolishing illiteracy wouldn’t be all that bad. After all, some people wouldn’t have to pretend to be educated!

Anupam Roy, singer I would like to change how power is used. Whether economic, political, social or even emotional, power equations determine the nature of any and every relationship around us. It is believed that ‘power corrupts’. Those at the top of the power structure make full use of their hegemonic status. This power is sometimes numerical, sometimes ideological and more often than not purely economic. Thus classes, castes, races and genders fall prey to the overt and covert ‘abuses’ of power. Since I believe that unequal distribution of power is an inescapable part of human life, the correct use of the same is perhaps the best way to avoid exploitation.