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The famous five

Four boys, all chasing the same girl. Can there be a happy ending to such a knotty tale? Yes, in real, if not on reel! Gaurav Chakrabarty, Gourab Chatterjee, Tanaji Dasgupta, Indrasish Roy and Ridhima — aged 23 to 27 — are now the Famous Five of Tollywood. The co-stars of Kaushik Ganguly’s Rang Milanti raise a toast (with their cold coffee and fruit juice glasses) to their friendship and t2!

You five are mostly seen moving in a pack, something rare in a film industry. How did you become friends?

Tanaji: We became friends when we did Rang Milanti.

Gaurav: From the Bolpur trip actually... (they shot a major portion of the film there).

Ridhima: Kaushikda told us that it’s like a friendship contract. I think we are all made for each other. I genuinely feel that!

Gaurav: Ours isn’t a filmi friendship. We genuinely bonded, that’s why it continued long after the film.

Ridhima: And it’s been two years since Rang Milanti happened.


What do you talk about mostly when you meet?

Gourab: We talk shit!

Tanaji: Gourab and Indrasish are big gadget freaks... sometimes I tune in.

Ridhima: I get bored with all that... you know, when they talk about gadgets.

Gourab: And these three (pointing at Gaurav, Indrasish and Tanaji) talk about sports and I don’t know much about that area [before the chat started, t2 overheard Gourab exclaiming: ‘Who’s Mary Kom?’ And the rest pounced on him: ‘God! You don’t know who Mary Kom is?!’]

Gaurav: Ridhima and Indrasish talk a lot about clothes and perfumes, so it’s quite an enlightening friendship!

Ridhima: I am the one who is most enlightened! I am a good listener.


Who is the agony uncle in the group?

Gourab: Actually, none of us is in that kind of agony! (Everyone laughs) We are all bindaas.

Ridhima: We’ve always been there for each other. We are just not party friends or adda friends.

Gaurav: We are all agony uncles and she is the aunt!

Who all in the group are 3am friends?

Ridhima: All our addas end at 3am.

Tanaji: Nobody is a 3pm friend, you know...

Gaurav: Meaning, in the afternoon nobody is available!

Gourab: Even if we are in a great crisis, we know that no one will take the call at this hour. So we call each other post-midnight and mostly at 3am.


What’s the wildest thing you guys have done together?

Indrasish: We spent two long months together in Fort Mysore (Tanaji’s apartment on Prince Anwar Shah Road)!

Tanaji: While working on Rang Milanti, they were practically living in my house. My mom wasn’t there, so they had a blast!

Gaurav: Yes, and she is leaving again!

All together: Yay!

Tanaji: She might change her mind after reading this!


Your favourite hangout spot?

Gourab: Ridhima’s place!

Gaurav: We don’t go out much. We prefer addas at one of our houses where we can be ourselves.

Tanaji: Actually, going out is a problem because our timings don’t match.

Indrasish: Yes, like Tanaji returns home after 2am every day!


What do you do when a boy hits on Ridhima?

Indrasish: Does a boy ever hit on her?! (Everyone laughs)

Ridhima: Indrasish calls me Bhai. We are like brothers!

Indrasish: She is totally like a guy!

Ridhima: I am not the typical girl-girl type. I think I am strong enough to bash up anyone on the street who tries to act smart with me.

Gourab: Yes, yes, she is quite capable of doing that!

Indrasish: Arrey, she protects all of us!


How does Ridhima react when you guys hit on a girl?

Gourab: Ridhima is quite protective about us. So we do it very discreetly... but eventually we confess!

Gaurav: I’m not really the type to strike up a conversation with a girl randomly. But when someone from the group does it, Ridhima looks very disgusted.

Indrasish: Ridhima gets annoyed if I do so!

Tanaji: I think she should rather be encouraging!

Ridhima: Indrasish is a Casanova and I get very pissed off with him. But the rest are bhadro!


Can a girl and a guy be friends without sex or romance coming in the way?

Gourab: Yes. In fact, a boy can share a lot of things with a girl that he sometimes can’t share with his man friends!

Gaurav: Yes, Ridhima is the best example.

Indrasish: Why can’t a girl and boy be just friends?

Ridhima: I personally feel a guy and a girl can be better friends than two girls can be.

Tanaji: Yes, absolutely.


Who is the strongest one in the group?

Ridhima: Me!

Indrasish: Tanaji has a strong head!

Gaurav: If he hits you with his head, you are gone (laughs out loud)!

Indrasish: No, what I mean is he is very practical. Tana is very cool about life... doesn’t take any chaap (pressure). Like we are all having an adda and we call him and he just says he won’t come, na toh na!

Gourab: Yes, when someone else from the group says he won’t come, we try and cajole him and ask why not? But when Tana says it, we don’t ask him anything (laughs)!

Gaurav: He is like keh diya bas keh diya (Amitabh Bachchan’s line in Kabhi Khushi Khabhie Gham). He is a no-nonsense guy.

Tanaji: There’s a funny incident which I want to share. During the last schedule of Rang Milanti in Darjeeling, all of us were really sad and Ridhima and Indrasish started crying. And Gaurav, Gourab and I were like, Oh God why can’t we cry?!

Gaurav: Everybody in the unit was crying except us and we tried so hard to cry but no tears!


Ridhima, describe each of the boys in one word.

Ridhima: That’s very difficult. Gourab is my wonderful world. Tanaji is, basically, a sweetheart. Gaurav is like Rik (his character in Rang Milanti), like Mr Perfect!

Gourab: Uff, paari na!

Ridhima: Indrasish is my Bhai.


Describe Ridhima in one word....

(Long pause)

Tanaji: I think she is quite unputdownable!

Gaurav: She is a little kidish in a good way.

Gourab: She is very high-spirited.

Indrasish: She is crazy!

Tanaji: Her screw is not loose, it’s lost for good and nobody tried to find out where it is!


Has there ever been any misunderstanding between you all?

Gaurav: Yes, minor misunderstandings.

Gourab: We discussed it and straightened it out.... The stupidest thing that creates misunderstandings among us is the issue — ‘Why didn’t you come to the party?!’... But we are all very sorted and ours is a genuine friendship.

Shoot from the lip

The first thing you do in the morning....

Ridhima: Yawn!
Gourab: Read the paper.
Tanaji: Light a cigarette and run to the bathroom!
Gaurav: Check my phone.
Ridhima: I knew he would say this!
Indrasish: I switch off my alarm and go off to sleep again.

Sexiest woman you’ve met...

Ridhima: Just take my name, nah!
Gourab: She is, actually!
Ridhima: (Jumps on the sofa) Seriously?!
(Gaurav, Tanaji and Indrasish still pondering)
Ridhima: (To the three) I thought this was a rapid fire! You guys are disqualified.

Sexiest actor/actress according to you....

Gaurav: Anne Hathaway... uff! Jennifer Aniston, I want to marry her!
Gourab: Charlize Theron.
Tanaji: Kate Winslet.
Indrasish: Scarlett Johansson.
Ridhima: Sexiest actor is Ranbir Kapoor.