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Thursday , August 9 , 2012
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Spotlight on secret tattoo codes, hate music

The gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin which took six lives and drew both the US President and his Republican challenger into its aftermath is prompting a closer look here into the secret terrain of tattoo codes which white supremacists use as a badge of their sinister underground presence and into...   | Read..

Trigger goes to grave with killer

Detectives are warning they might never learn for certain what drove the gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple to attack total strangers in a holy place....   | Read..

Hoskins has Parkinson’s

British actor Bob Hoskins says he is retiring after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease....   | Read..

Party bristles at army push for more sway in China

During a holiday banquet for China’s military leadership early this year, a powerful general lashed out in a drunken rage against what he believed was a backhanded ...   | Read..

SC notice to Ashraf over cases

The Supreme Court issued a contempt of court notice against Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf today, signalling what appeared to be a re-run of judicial proceedings that saw ...   | Read..
A wet child sits on a post in a flooded street in suburban Manila. Heavy rains pounded the Philippines capital on Wednesday, prompting a new danger al ...  | Read

Korea first lady seen with ‘Dior handbag’

The South Korean news media, which scrutinises every photo of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un,...   | Read..

Egypt pursues gunmen with Sinai airstrikes

Egypt was reported to have launched its first airstrikes in decades in the restive Sinai Penins...   | Read..