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Sunny in Disneyland

Adult entertainer and Jism 2 star Sunny Leone was in Calcutta on Tuesday to promote her Bolly debut. From HHI to Priya Cinema and from Cinemax Mani Square to INOX Swabhumi, fan frenzy greeted Sunny at every stop. t2 caught up with Sunny for a quick chat…

Just one film old and you are being mobbed everywhere!

People have reacted so warmly… oh my god! Wherever I go, I meet hundreds and thousands of people who just want to shake hands or get an autograph. To be given so much love and attention in my very first film is a dream come true… sometimes I think I am in Disneyland! (Laughs)

What do you think of your performance in Jism 2?

There is definitely room for improvement. I feel I could have done much better in the emotional scenes, though I think I couldn’t have topped the way I played out the lovemaking scenes (laughs). Overall, the number of people who have loved me in the film are far more than whose who have hated me. In fact, hated is too strong a word… let’s just say they feel I could have done better.

Critics haven’t been kind to you…

I have read a couple but I don’t want to read too many now because I want to keep my morale up. I am just looking at the numbers we are doing and they just speak for themselves… crores and crores and crores! When I am done with the promotions, I will sit at home for a whole day and read up all the reviews. If they have said something constructive, then I am going to work on it; if they have been vicious, I will just brush it aside and move on.

Pooja Bhatt has been quoted saying that ‘More people want Sunny to fail than succeed’. Have you felt that in your time here?

Most are just wary of where I come from and what I do. They fail to understand that what I do is a profession like any other and that I am a good businesswoman who runs a big company (Sunlust Pictures Inc in Los Angeles). I really haven’t encountered any in-your-face viciousness here, but if there are people who want me to fail, all I can tell them is that ‘Sorry, that isn’t going to happen!’ (Laughs) I am here to stay.

Have your friends back in the US watched Jism 2 yet?

They don’t understand Hindi! My husband (Daniel Weber) watched it, but he just enjoyed seeing it because he didn’t understand a word of it! He read the script when it was first sent to me because it was in English and so he basically knew the plot and scenes. He was very intrigued and loved the story.

Men have obviously been your biggest fan base. Do you see women and children also warming up to you now?

It’s already happening! We have been promoting Jism 2 all over and there have been so many women and young girls who have come up to say how proud they are of me and how they loved me in the film. Even back in LA, I go to a restaurant and I have kids coming up to take pictures with me, when only perhaps their fathers watch my material! (Laughs)

From Bigg Boss to Jism 2, have you seen a change in people’s attitude towards you and your profession?

There will always be people who will not like the profession I am in. Even in the US, there is a section that looks down on the work that I do. They have certain values and I respect that. But if I let those people get to me then I wouldn’t get anywhere. Whatever I am today… wherever I am today, is because I chose to be a porn star… an adult entertainer. Those are my roots and I am not going to turn my back on that. I know I am a good person and I haven’t got to where I am today by hurting anyone or stealing anyone else’s money. I am an adult entertainer in a country that legalises the profession and I am very proud of what I do. I am not forcing you to watch my material — you like it you watch it, you don’t like it you don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

How do you plan to straddle the worlds of porn and Bollywood?

I started my company about four years ago and that was my exit strategy to be honest because in our profession we have a shelf-life. The way we say it in the porn world is ‘You gotta hang up those heels sometime’. It’s not that my career as an adult entertainer is over, but Bollywood is a whole new world for me and I intend to make the most of it even while I continue to do what I have been doing for the last 10 years.

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