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Monday , August 6 , 2012
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Bias against women

The manhandling of the girl on GS Road on July 9 night was utter hypocrisy. How many times do we hear a man getting humiliated in a similar manner after walking out of a bar inebriated?

Ours is a conservative society, where people easily point a finger at a woman. No matter what women do or wear, criticism is always round the corner.

So it becomes impossible for a woman to go out and have fun.

Strict action should be taken against people who try to harass women.

Soma Deb,homemaker

The July 9 incident shows how narrow-minded our society is and that a woman going out with her friends at night is not always acceptable. Women, like men, are social animals and need to interact. But the problem here is that a woman’s freedom, unlike men’s, is always questioned.

There will always be a bunch of hypocrites which will pass unpleasant remarks and turn the affair into a bizarre one. The GS Road case is just one example of such an incident.

Neha Kumari, student

Agreed that women are always under the microscope and do not always have the freedom to do what men do, but there have been times when women too are at fault.

Irrespective of whichever city one lives in, it is not advisable for a girl to be on the streets alone at night. The victim and her family will be in a state of trauma for some time.

Debashish Dutta, banker