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Saturday , August 4 , 2012
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There’s good news for Italian food lovers as Spaghetti Kitchen at Forum Mall “takes things up a notch” with its new menu. And what does that entail? In one word, it means more. More meat, more seafood, more risotto, more veggies, more cheese, more pastas and, of course, more desserts.

“I wanted to concentrate on a new menu which would take forward the dining experience. Last year, we expanded a little too fast, so this time I want to concentrate more on the food,” said celebrity chef Bill Marchetti, also the brand’s consultant chef.

Begin your meal with Crunchy Ciabatta Bruschettas topped with combos like sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and fresh oregano; exotic mushrooms, Parmesan and truffle oil; and fava beans, Greek feta cheese and thyme.

The main course has labour-intensive, fine handmade pastas, which involved “two weeks worth of re-education in Mumbai for all the key people in Spaghetti Kitchen”, said Marchetti. Some of these are the Capellini Ai Funghi or angel hair pasta, made with fresh mushrooms, mushroom pate and truffle oil.

“I love mushrooms. They are the next best thing to meat. I’d love to go hunting for morels in Kashmir but since I’d rather not be blown up with a landmine, we are using these,” laughed Marchetti, pointing to a plate of fresh oyster mushrooms with Portobello and “fresh” shiitake.

Casencelli ai Noci is another handmade wonder with walnuts and smoked cheese filled into pastas, coloured light pink with the sundried tomatoes that are kneaded into its dough. The twin delights of seafood and crafted pasta can be had in Ravioli alla Grancevola or crabmeat ravioli.

Starters include Gamberoni Piccanti, prawns marinated in chilli spice mix, char-grilled and served with fennel, olive and orange salad. Not strictly Italian, Marchetti describes it as “a Mediterannean take on Chilka Lake Prawns”.

Another must-try in the starters list is the Cottolette di Maiale. Marchetti’s favourite, these grilled pork chops are so tender that they fall off the bone. The pork goes through a four-step process of being “soaked in brine, poached, then smoked and grilled” before it reaches your plate. And did we mention the delicious tangy flavour? Must be that apple balsamic sauce.

so new is the gueridon service or table service where the food is cooked and presented before you. Be it your Spaghetti with Lobster or that must-try dessert of Crespelle Ai Frutti Di Bosco (berry compote in light crepes with mango and passion fruit gelato), isn’t it more special when it’s cooked right in front of you?