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Thursday , July 12 , 2012
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Assault finger at school
- Class IV student ‘faints’ after corporal punishment

Bhubaneswar, July 11: Parents of a 10-year-old student of a public school at Chandrasekharpur last night lodged a complaint with police against a teacher for beating up their son. In a week’s time, this is the second such incident of torture on children by school authorities in the capital.

The Class IV student, Navjeet Pahadsingh, fainted for around two hours yesterday after teacher Chhabi Mathew punished the boy and his friend for talking during a prayer class.

Navjeet is now undergoing treatment at a private hospital here.

Following complaints from Navjeet’s father, Chandrasekharpur police registered a case against the teacher.

The boy’s father Narattom Pahadsingh said that though his son had been injured and became unconscious in the school, the authorities there did not inform his family about the entire incident.

“I came to know about the matter in the afternoon through the parents of some other students when I went to to bring my son home from school. They told me that Navjeet became unconscious in the school because of physical punishment by a teacher. When I asked my son, he narrated the matter to me and broke down,” said the father, adding that he was surprised as to how could the school authorities not inform them about his losing consciousness.

When Mathew saw Navjeet talking with a friend at a prayer class, she allegedly banged the heads of both of them with one another.

Navjeet, who was hit under his ear, allegedly lost his consciousness. He was then taken to a rest room. He was forced to continue other classes after he regained his sense about two hours later.

The school authorities, however, dismissed the allegations of Navjeet’s father.

“After the allegation, Mathew was not allowed to take classes. Apart from that, I personally went to the class and enquired about the matter, but none told me anything about it. Had the boy fallen unconscious, everybody would have seen him being taken to the rest room,” said school principal Keshab Chandra Satpathy.

The principal also said that the school had nothing to do with Navjeet’s ‘losing’ consciousness as he had not been beaten up in the school.

In a similar incident on July 6, Abhinav Nayak, a Class X student of a public school at Ganga Nagar in the city alleged that he had been beaten up by a teacher and the school director for talking in class.

He had sustained injuries on his back and other parts of the body. His parents had lodged a complaint with Capital police. The matter was, however, resolved amicably later.

While educationist Abani Baral criticised such approach by teachers and said that corporal punishment would move students away from them, sociologist Rita Ray blamed the education system for such violent acts in classrooms.

Baral said such acts would affect classroom performance of the teachers.