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Wednesday , July 4 , 2012
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Inaugurated parks paint dirty picture

- Morning and evening stroll hopes under lock and key

Five parks developed spending Rs 4.2 crore are under lock and key for nearly three months after their grand inauguration on April 6. Reason: maintenance funds crunch.

Urban development minister Prem Kumar had inaugurated the parks. But they are still out-of-bound for residents. Nobody taking care of them, the green patches inside the parks are drying up.

The Telegraph visited the parks to check the ground reality and found them in a dilapidated state.

Parking lot

Place: SK Nagar; Price: Rs 83.38 lakh

Ground reality: The space in front of the park has become a parking lot. The plants inside have dried up in want of watering. The dustbin inside has been displaced.

Residents’ take: “Prem Kumar inaugurated this park and said it will be maintained on a regular basis. But look at the present condition. I can’t remember when I last saw someone watering the plants,” said Vijay Kumar.

Closed the day after

Place: Bank of India Colony; Price: Rs 61.62 lakh

Status: Plants dried up. Branches of big trees are strewn all over the park. The gates were locked the day after it was opened.

Residents’ take: “The water of the fountain inside the park has become so dirty that even dogs do not go near it,” said Sujata Kumari.

Snapped swings

Place: Sector C, Police Colony; Price: Rs 95.52 lakh

Status: Dry plants and broken swings.

Residents’ take: “This park has become a place for illegal activities. Very often I see youngsters jumping the wall and gulping beer inside. What a shame!” said Subhas Kumar.

Dreams uprooted

Place: Sector D, Police Colony; Cost: Rs 86.48 lakh

Status: Uprooted plants and dirty benches. Potholes on pathway.

Residents’ take: “It is very disappointing. We are hoping for things to improve,” said Sanjay Sharma.

Dark zone

Place: Shivpuri; Price: Rs 95.39 lakh

Status: Most of the bulbs at the park have been damaged or broken. A number of them have been stolen.

Residents’ take: “Only god knows when the park will open. It seems the park was constructed for criminals and animals only,” said Sanjay Kumar.

Whose baby?

Urban development department secretary Sudhir Kumar said: “Few days back I and Prem Kumar visited the parks to see their condition. The responsibility of the parks’ maintenance is of Patna Municipal Corporation.”