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Saturday , June 30 , 2012
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EURO 2012


On Wednesday evening, hours before Portugal was to take on Spain, she had sounded excited with a capital E. On Thursday morning, hours after Portugal had crashed out, she sounded Shattered.

For 15-year-old RACHAEL JONES, Euro Cup 2012 was over. After all, it was bye-bye for her hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

In town for her summer vacations, the student of Ooty’s Good Shepherd International School who also bends the ball for her school and the Ladies Team at CC&FC, told t2 about her undying love for Ronaldo.


Basically, my sister (Danielle, 21) was a huge football fan and I would always hear her talking about Manchester United and stuff like that. She was instrumental in making me watch football and once I did, I didn’t really care which team Cristiano Ronaldo played for, where he played... it was just him!

When my mom (beauty pro Bridgette Jones) told me on Wednesday that I would have to speak about him in an interview, I couldn’t believe it! (Giggles). I’ll do anything to meet him. I am too young to ever think that I could do anything else, but just to meet him, say a “Hi!” and hug him, I’d do anything!

I started following Ronaldo when he was in Manchester United, between 2003 and 2009... that’s when I started watching him. And when in 2009 he moved to Real Madrid, I realised how much I like him, to switch from one team to a whole different team for just one player. I realised I love Cristiano!

I love his charisma, his style, the way he presents himself... there is so much about him. He is definitely very, very good-looking... he is really gorgeous! Oh God! Even as I talk about him, I can actually visualise him... there aren’t any words... (Laughs) I am literally dumbfounded! And my friends make fun of me every time regarding this... I am going to have to train myself to speak to him!

I really don’t care what the tabloids say or what anyone says about him. When the Bipasha Basu incident (the Ronaldo-Bipasha kiss in 2007) happened, you know, I could not believe it! I don’t watch Bollywood films anymore; no, I am kidding! I could not believe my eyes. To be very honest, I am jealous! Bipasha Basu is a nice person... but I would like to tell her that she should never do that again! (Laughs)

I wouldn’t say Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world. I would like to be reasonable... he is definitely one footballer who has a lot of skill. He started when he was very young and if you watch his videos on YouTube, he knew it all. He was a natural talent and that’s what I admire. That’s what I really like about Ronaldo the footballer.

When Ronaldo plays, all friends get together and we just ogle at the screen. That’s all we do! No one is allowed to talk when he is on screen. It is just screaming and yelling! It is fun!

And yes, he is the SEXIEST footballer in the world! When it comes to his looks, he is IT! His whole physique, his hair... he is a complete package. He is my Prince Charming!

I cannot wait for the match to start!

What would I like to tell him before the match? Hmm, just go and kick some ass!


I am heartbroken. I have nothing to say. I am SO disappointed.

Right now, all I am thinking is that Ronaldo could not take a penalty. He should have taken the second or third kick. I honestly don’t know why that didn’t happen. And now he doesn’t have a chance to do that till 2016!

My sister and I watched the match together at home. And I did not cry because if I did, my sister would probably make fun of me and I would never let it come to that!

What would I like to tell him after the match? That he played a brilliant game and he did whatever he could. And that nothing has changed: I will always be a Cristiano Ronaldo fan.

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