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Thursday , June 28 , 2012
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Monsoon drain-gers

Channel No. 6

Problem area: The underground tunnel, a part of the channel in Chintamaniswar called Jaligulli, has become an accident-prone zone. Irregular cleaning of the twin tunnels to carry the channel water also causes problem as a sudden discharge of water after rains causes flooding

Situation last year: The starting point (a culvert) near Chitamaniswar created a problem for pedestrians and kids passing through that lane

Remedy: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has built a renovated wall on the bank of the channel

TT take: Apart from cleaning the Jaligulli tunnel, the civic authorities must take immediate steps to clear the bed of the channel and prevent people from dumping solid waste

Channel No. 7

Problem area: In the last three years, neither was the channel bed de-silted nor the sidewalls repaired. Water flowing out of this channel is affecting even the heritage monuments situated near the Kotitirtheswar Lane

Situation last year: It was similar last year

Remedy: A part of the channel at Old Town (in Brahmeswar and downstream areas) was renovated up to its meeting point with Gangua

TT take: Proper steps need to be taken, without which water flowing out of the channel will cause further damage to the heritage monuments

Channel No. 8

Problem area: Encroachment is a major problem for the channel on its way near Bhaktamadhu Nagar. Desiltation is yet to be done

Situation last year: The situation was same last year as there was a lack of initiative by the authorities concerned

Remedy: Neither the civic authorities nor the water resources department have come to the aid of this channel. Interestingly, the engineering wing of the Odisha University of Agriculture Technology renovated a portion of this channel that falls within their farmland area

TT take: Unless the encroachments are removed, the channel will flood many pockets at Bhaktamadhu Nagar

Channel No. 9

Problem area: Unplanned and unrestricted urban planning along the drainage channel, which supplied water for farmers of many areas in Dumduma and Jagamara about 20 years ago, causes waterlogging

Situation last year: There was no action by the authorities to restrict illegal structures along the drainage channel

Promise: The water resources department and the housing and urban development department said they’ll take immediate steps to ensure smooth flow of water

TT take: Like last year’s flooding of the Gandamunda and Dumduma area, the channel may cause another waterlogging this year too

Channel No. 10

Problem area: Urbanisation and encroachment

Situation last year: The situation has not changed in last three years

Promise: The Bhubaneswar Development Authority has planned a special lake zone along the channel, but encroachments will cause a serious problem

TT take: If concrete steps are not taken in the downstream areas at Bomikhal, the channel will cause flooding as the silt is yet to be removed from its bed