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ĎEngland didnít deserve to winí

Curtis Russell is a British rugby player from Gloucester who is visiting Calcutta with the Rugby Uncle team for the July-August season. The 20-year-old takes Metro through Englandís loss to Italy.

I watched the match with my dad at the Kenilworth Hotel, where we are staying. To be honest, England didnít deserve to win last nightís match ó they were totally outplayed by Italy in the 120 minutes.

Iíd say Italyís star was (Andrea) Pirlo, he was the best player on the ground. While England tried to defend too much and hit on the counter-attack, it just didnít work.

I had expected it to be a hard game but thought England would go through to the semis. But they did not play well last night.

The problem with English football is that they play the long ball too much. When Italy were passing the ball around in the 18-yard box and then losing it, England would hit it long and then lose the ball. Thatís why Italy completed twice as many passes as England.

In the middle, England sort of played the way they ought to have played but that was only for 15-20 minutes and so Italy dominated the game.

If I had to pick any English player who did make some difference, it would be Glen Johnson. He was constantly moving up and down and trying to make things happen. But the finishing was bad.

England didnít really have any clear-cut chances to score. It was the same old England, actually, where they hoped to score on the counter-attacks, which is not the wise kind of football to play, especially against the Italians who pass and move, pass and move.

I have been watching English football for years now and thatís the way they play these days, trying to defend as much as they can. Even Chelsea against Barcelona in the Champions League, the English club kept defending.

I was expecting (Danny) Welbeck and (Wayne) Rooney to click. They play club football together (Manchester United) and they are totally different players, but here their partnership didnít work. I was also disappointed with (Steven) Gerrard.

When it went to the penalty shootout, it was almost a given. England never, never win anything from penalties. They never seem to get it right it.

Italy missed the first penalty and if (Ashley) Young had scored then it would have given the team a boost and I think they would have been more confident. As soon as he missed, it was gone.

English fans always expect England to win but it will take some time for this team to shape up. A few of the young lads are playing rather well together, but need to play more attacking football if they want to win.

From now on, I will keep an eye on the Euro Cup matches but I definitely wonít be staying up to watch the matches any more!