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Friday , June 22 , 2012
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Salt Lake

Singapore model for Kestopur canal

If Calcutta is poised to be a second London, Salt Lake’s canals will emulate the waterfront of Singapore. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has announced that the Kestopur Canal, flowing between VIP Road and Salt Lake, will be renovated to resembl...  | Read.. 
A walk down the canal
The Kestopur Canal waterfront is hardly inviting. Far from going there for a stroll in the evenings, residents would want to ...  | Read.. 
Tale of two waterfronts
It has been nearly a week since my Pishima and Ma have arrived in Singapore. On arrival, the ladies sat down with tourist bro ...  | Read.. 
Of missing husband & dacoity at home
Suspense, drama, action, heartbreak, tragedy…. A recent night at a BH Block home had all the makings of a potboiler, starring ...  | Read.. 
Chariots of information
On Rathayatra, chariots trundled in a single file down the lanes and bylanes of Mahishbathan, to the right of the New Town br ...  | Read.. 
How to make more mangoes
It is most rewarding to watch new plants grow and propagate. Nature’s usual method is by means of seeds, but in many in ...  | Read.. 
A file picture of Balaram, Subhadra and Jagannath idols
Singapore model for Kestopur canal
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