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Bedroom babes

Cobie smulders

The cigar-loving, Scotch-sipping, hockey-crazy newscaster Robin Scherbatsky is the heart (if Barney Stinson is the soul) of How I Met Your Mother, airing on STAR World. So what makes Canadian chick Cobie Smulders smokin’ hot? The fact that she can be the cute, casual girl-next-door as easily as an oomphy brunette with a gorgeous smile and a killer gaze. And boy, did she look red-hot in a catsuit as the tough-talking, gun-toting Agent Maria Hill in the box-office blockbuster The Avengers. Psst: She may just slip into the sexy Wonder Woman suit for the franchise’s new film!

Sofia vergara

The dusky Colombian beauty with cascading black hair and grey-green eyes is a huge hit as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the loving wife and mother in popular drama series Modern Family (aired on STAR World). Vergara’s Gloria believes that “love is around the corner” and is the cynosure of all eyes on the show, thanks to her voluptuous figure and winning smile. Stories of her battling — and beating — thyroid cancer make her even more of a heroine.

Stana katic

“I believe a woman can be strong, intelligent, sexy and feminine,” Stana Katic had told t2 a year ago. Katic’s Kate Beckett in crime drama Castle (on STAR World) is all this and a whole lot more. Katic brings the right mix of kick-ass toughness and feminine vulnerability to her role of a hard-as-nails, career-driven cop. What do men love about her? Her curves, her nerves and her moves. And it’s not just Richard Castle who skips a heartbeat when Kate Beckett shows up in those short skirts and tiny, hip-hugging dresses. Safe to say that many men would consider taking up a life of crime if it meant being chased by Kate Beckett.

Eva longoria

This Latina hottie from STAR World’s Desperate Housewives has men even before hello. As Gabrielle Solis, Eva Longoria beats all the other desperate houswives in setting the (male) pulse racing. Blessed with an olive skin and a sexy pout, Longoria looks way younger than her 37 years. Currently dating Penelope Cruz’s handsome brother Eduardo, Longoria is not all about looks. The stunner is a graduate in kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement). Is that how she sets hearts aflutter?

Kaley cuoco

Cheesecake Factory waitress, aspiring actress, neighbour to Leonard and the bane of Sheldon’s existence. A little — okay, make that quite — dense, Penny lives her blonde bombshell tag to the T in The Big Bang Theory (on STAR World). While women can barely tolerate her dimwittedness, men love her for it and, of course, for her pouty, doe-eyed looks (trust Penny to pop eyes in teeny shorts and cleavage-revealing tops). But one must give it to American actress Kaley Cuoco for making a mark in an all-male show.

Nigella lawson

No, she isn’t roly-poly. She is ‘Rubenesque’ (beautiful in a, well, wholesome sense of the term). Nigella Lawson of TLC’s Nigella’s Kitchen is a rare woman who loves food and digs in like she’s having a big . And while women wonder how she manages to look like a million bucks even in front of a steaming pot, men love to feast on the delicious way this bootylicious brunette rustles up sinful treats. Really sinful!

Christina hendricks

That cleavage makes men go mad —

Mad Men’s sexy secretary Joan Holloway is testimony to it. Christina Hendricks’s ample proportions — her vital stats are an OMG 39D-30-39! — have helped her make it to the top of many sexy lists, with most tuning in to Mad Men on FX just to get an eyeful of the 37-year-old. Her peaches-and-cream complexion and scarlet pout also make Hendricks a winner. And yes, she has the acting chops too.

Blake lively

She has the legs. She has the cleavage. She shows the first, she shows the second. Sometimes she flaunts both together. The American beauty — often hailed as the new Sarah Jessica Parker, thanks to her oomph and sense of style — has both men and women mooning over her sexy, manipulative Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl (aired on Zee Cafe). Always on top of trends, Lively is the life of many a fashion blog and the current squeeze of Holly hottie Ryan Reynolds.

Courteney cox

This hot cougar from Cougar Town (Zee Café) makes dating older women cool for young men. And why not, if the 40-plus stunner — Botoxed or not — rocks a swimsuit as good as a 20-something? As Jules Cobb, a just-divorced mother of a teen re-entering the dating world in Cougar Town, Courteney Cox is a knockout. Cox doesn’t oooze sexy like Eva Longoria, but projects a certain confidence that some men find very attractive. To women, she is relatable in a very real way. Cobb has been a great turnaround for Cox, from the OCD-afflicted, control freak Monica Geller in everyone’s favourite Friends.

Ashley benson

As the red-hot Hanna Marin of Rosewood High School in Pretty Little Liars

(Zee Cafe), Ashley Benson is fast rising up the popularity charts. Ashley stands out in the four-member pretty little girls’ team as a diva with bulimia and a secret. For all you guys out there who are smitten by the

22-year-old blonde, here’s her kind of man: “I love guys who wear motorcycle boots and skinnier jeans with jackets. He has to make me laugh”. What say, dude?

Emily deschanel

If you are banking on just a six pack or a swagger to impress Dr Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan, go look elsewhere. For this razor-sharp, gorgeous kinesiologist and forensic anthropologist from the STAR World thriller Bones, mind comes before the hormones. But men flip for her looks, specially her quirky, ethereal appeal. Those looking for more than brains just need to think her dressed up as Wonder Woman!

Kim kardashian

Some may dismiss her as being “famous for being famous”, but there are millions around the world who tune in every night to keep up with the colourful life of Kim Kardashian. And while her status as a TV star may be debatable (Keeping up with the Kardashians on Zee Cafe), there is no denying the fact that many women go green at the sight of this 31-year-old. Curvaceous with a derriere to die for, Kim has a killer wardrobe and an exciting life — she got married and divorced within 72 days, remember? Don’t be fooled by her innocent, dewy looks. Kim is a smart businesswoman who’s making a lot of moolah out of her name — from clothing to fragrance and footwear.

Nina dobrev

This Bulgarian-born Canadian actress-model is sizzling the small screen as the female lead in the popular teen vampire watch Vampire Diaries (aired on Zee Cafe). Pretty and petite with expressive eyes,

23-year-old Nina Dobrev has a double-bill in the series — as damsel in distress Elena and evil temptress Katherine. Which gives her the chance to prove her acting skills and which she does and how! While Elena brings out the protective instinct among men, Katherine is the seductress who leaves them drooling. That she is in a real-life relationship with co-star Ian Somerhalder (who also starred in the t2 Drool Dudes list) makes Nina even hotter. And yes, did you know Nina and Ian may just play Ana Steele and Christian Grey in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey?