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Would you ever do anything, off screen, that you do not believe in (question by Barry ’Brien)?

I have done that before and I didn’t go to sleep happy, so I stopped doing it about four years ago and from being an insomniac I’ve actually turned into someone who can sleep days on end!

Vidya and Horlicks:

I don’t usually work for brands or support every other cause that comes my way. I like to do things I believe in. And while malnutrition is a cause I believe in, Horlicks is a brand that I have childhood associations with. It is a brand that I have grown up drinking.

Even today, sometimes when the family gets together and we have late-night conversations, my father volunteers to make a cup of Horlicks — we call him the Horlicks specialist in our house! And, I also eat it… I think everyone in this room has.

I love saying this — I think Horlicks is part of our nutrition tradition. All it takes here is to buy a bottle of Horlicks… enjoy your drink and just one rupee out of that goes for this larger cause... because nutrition is the basic right of every human being.

When Horlicks came to me and said that this initiative was for West Bengal, anything that brings me back here is more than welcome and if I can give back to West Bengal even a little of what it has given me over the years.... Because I’ve got so much love and affection here so I thought I should do something… so it was a coming together of a lot of things. I have always said this, that I feel like I am Bengali… I’ve said a million times so people must be bored of hearing this, “aami mon theke Bangali”.

Vidya and her second home:

Calcutta is my second home. And tell (the ones who crib about Calcutta) ekta chor maarbo, how dare they! I don’t know what the connection is but my family says it’s probably a past-life connect. I don’t know when this… I won’t call it a romance, because I don’t believe romance lasts a lifetime… but I don’t know when this started and what it is. I have stopped trying to figure out what my connection to Calcutta is but I keep trying to learn the language. I know songs, I know rhymes, I watch Bengali films. I love coming back to Calcutta. And it’s poetic justice that I made my acting debut in a Bengali film called Bhalo Theko, then I shot here for Parineeta, two days for No One Killed Jessica and now for Kahaani, which completes 75 days in the theatre today and it is still running here…

Aami Kolkatar meye… what more can I say?

Vidya shoots straight

On Ghanchakkar: I’m doing a comedy after so long. It’s a film by Raj Kumar Gupta and Emraan Hashmi is cast opposite me. I’m nervous and I hope I’m able to pull it through.

On marriage: I will get married, I just don’t know when...

On not tweeting regularly: Twitter?! I’ve never tweeted. I’m not on Twitter, I am not on Facebook. So all the handles and accounts, none of them is me!

On being the object of so many girl crushes and guy crushes: Really? Girls also? I love it!

On how life has changed after The Dirty Picture: Life has become more hectic. And I’m not complaining!

On her to-go make-up tip: Kajal. Magic, especially on Indian eyes. Just moisturise and lip gloss.

On how to keep yourself so real and non-starry: Wow, that’s a compliment. I don’t really know!

On 1.20 lakh fans turning up on a Tuesday afternoon at Eden to salute KKR and SRK: I’m not surprised. Calcutta is always passionate about everything. They are basically very passionate people. In Calcutta, everything is dil se. Whether it’s cricket or film or a cause, people come in large numbers. I normally don’t watch cricket — the last match was the World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan and then I watched this IPL final.

On working with John Abraham (Salaam-E-Ishq) and Shahid Kapoor (Kismat Konnection) again: I have no problem working with anyone. If I fit the role, why not? The casting is important.

On the sari: I’m in love with the sari. I’m in love with Sabyasachi. He says he’s fed up of seeing me in his saris but I’m not giving up yet. His saris are too pretty. And saris complement a woman’s body. Nothing else enhances a woman’s sensuality like a sari does.

On Ooh la la being a pop pick at KKR’s after-party: I love that.. I’m such a Calcuttan in any case!


How many jhumkas do you have?

Close to 100!

How quickly do you decide a sari?

Very quickly. I know instinctively if I want to wear it or not.

And how quickly do you tie it?

Five minutes.

How many heels are usually under the sari?

Four inches. Sometimes three.

One word for:Sabyasachi:

Divine and different.

Niharika Bhasin Khan (stylist, The Dirty Picture): Crazy.

Masaba Gupta: Individualistic and unique.

Text: Shradha Agarwal

Vidya Balan was the star, and the cause the highlight, at the art for nutrition campaign on Tuesday evening

Vidya Balan became “Bidya Madam” for a while when she reunited with team Kahaani on the sidelines of Horlicks AahaAr Abhiyan, thanks to t2!

Saswata Chatterjee with wife Mohua (far left), Nitya Ganguly, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Arindam Sil with wife Shukla and daughter Sonika, and Shantilal Mukherjee (in white shirt and jeans) strike a pose with Vidya Balan. “It is always a pleasure to meet her… she has become a good friend and it was nice having the Kahaani team together again, especially since we have completed 75 days in the theatres,” said Arindam Sil, who made the reunion possible. “It was great that all of us got to meet up like this. I wish Sujoy (Ghosh) and the rest of the gang were here as well,” said Shantilal. Vidya bonds with Saswata Chatterjee, Nitya Ganguly and Rwitobroto. The boy is, of course, still addressed as “Running Hot Water” and he just loves it. “It was a lot of fun to meet Vidya didi for the first time after we shot for Kahaani. She told me that everyone liked my acting a lot and that I looked very cute. She also said that she misses all of us very much!” smiled Rwitobroto.
What happens when killer Bob Biswas meets target “Bidya” Bagchi off screen. They laugh out loud! “I know whatever Vidya does, she will do it honestly and from the heart,” said Saswata. “Oh fantastic! Today we have completed 75 days to the release of Kahaani. What a lovely coincidence that I am in Calcutta and I got to meet the entire team. I had no clue that this would happen. What a surprise! I will go back to my room and call Sujoy (Ghosh, director of Kahaani) and tell him that he should have been here too. I wish Param (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) was here, but great I got to meet Nityada and Rwitobroto, Apuda, Shantida… I am just thrilled!” smiled Vidya.

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