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Tuesday , May 15 , 2012
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At home

Raise a lot of soapsuds this month, yes, by bathing as often as you can! Wear loose ó and really short ó clothes. Keep fresh flowers or a plant in your bedroom, bring out the pastel home linen. And donít be an AC-addict, try and catch the breeze in the evening, too. And though chilled beer seems like a lot of fun, go easy. It gives you a beer belly and makes you look like a slob. Drink loads of water and fruit juices instead.

On the go

Slather on water-proof sunscreen liberally — even when you are hotting up the pool like our cover girl Anushka Sharma — and yes, do check the SPF content before buying sunscreen. Carry a water bottle. And though it is said that men perspire and women glow, we know we all sweat, and if anything is a turn-off it is BO. So, keep wet wipes, deo or perfume handy, ALWAYS. Snip hair short or keep it off face & neck with stylish scruchies and barrettes. Use an umbrella — a sun hat if you can carry it off — and your glares to block the mean UV-rays.

Kiddie special

Learn swimming. It’ll keep you cool and in shape. Drink loads of water, bathe often, wear shorts and sleeveless tees wherever you can, keep hair non-messy and cool. And yes, wear sunscreen on your way to school and back. Teens, dab your face with a toner and keep the chips and the burgers on hold. Pimples and flab are never in vogue.


At work

If your work involves travelling, sigh, check out the do’s in On the go (left). If you work in a closed, air-conditioned space, lucky you, but remember to drink water and munch on salads and fruits when hungry. Don’t clog you stomach with rich oily food just because there’s an AC on. It’s still summer outside, silly.

Pamper pleasure

Ice cream, but only after exercise. Weight-watchers can try out chilled flavoured yoghurt. Or good old lassi with loads of clinking ice cubes. Spa anyone? Yes, please! If on a budget, go dab-dab with rose water with a dash of mint, frozen in cubes. If on a mood to splurge, it’s the time to spend on uber luxe perfumes and glares. And if you have really earned that vacation, pack your bags for a cool Continental cruise.

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