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Friday , April 13 , 2012
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Padmini Rout

Growing up in the verdant locales of Bhubaneswar has been a beautiful phase of life. The city has witnessed my growth as a person and a chess player while I too have been an observer of its changes over the past decade. There is much the city can retain and lots of areas where it needs to develop to reach its best potential.

As a kid, I loved to go on rides around the city. The shaded streets and a calm ambience of the city were enchanting and one did not need to find an escape to the outskirts to enjoy a break. But, today even Patia has become busy and is buzzing from early morning to late in the night.

Yet, I love the city for its quietness as compared to the hustle and bustle in other major cities I have been to. The best part is that we get time to stand and stare here even today, although Iím afraid we will lose it soon with the rapid growth in population here. At the same time, we lag behind in many ways.

The traffic sense among residents here, as well as the way the roads have been constructed, concerns me. I want to see road safety being a priority for people in Bhubaneswar. Similarly, security of people and property is also declining, with theft and other crimes on the rise. I hope that in the next decade, the city is still known as one of the greenest cities in the country that also has sensible designs in civic infrastructure.

The city has also evolved as an educational centre, which for me is the best thing to happen to Bhubaneswar. I feel the opening of academic institutes has been a boon for the city. Education has attracted youngsters and fresh ideas from all over the country will help open up minds of people here, who otherwise have a conservative attitude.

Coming to sports, the facilities are limited. We have the Kalinga Stadium but there are not many training centres in the capital for different sports, including chess. It becomes difficult and discouraging to pursue your dream in the most advanced city of the state.

I want Bhubaneswar to become a technological hub like Bangalore, with not only more research facilities but also a place where the latest gadgets and software are available.

With its temples and greenery, Bhubaneswar is a beautiful city. All we need to do is think forward with a vision for development while preserving and maintaining all that we will need in the future.