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Friday , March 23 , 2012
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Harassment complaints, commissionerate hopes

A meeting to decide the location and the number of auto-rickshaw stands was to be held at Poura Bhavan on Tuesday but was cancelled as none of the councillors turned up. A new date for the meeting has not been announced.
Picture by Bhubaneswarananda Halder

• Apropos the article “Autocracy,” published on February 24, driving in Salt Lake has become a nightmare.

At Karunamoyee Island, one can never tell from which direction an auto will rush at you, block your way, scratch your car and hurl filthy words at you before setting off, well aware that no one will challenge him.

This hurts me very much as I was born and brought up in Salt Lake and never before has the situation been so bad.

Dibyendu Das,
Address not given

• Every day I drive my daughter to her Sector V office and it is a dreadful experience passing CA Island, BD Island, Baisakhi Island and the makeshift auto stand opposite the terminus of buses on route 206.

Auto drivers think they are the lords of the roads and can do anything with their vehicle. Carrying six passengers has become the norm, with little regard to the risk involved in carrying a person to the driver’s right, with half his body protruding outside.

It is tough driving behind autos too, as the auto drivers do not follow a single traffic rule and park their vehicles in the middle of the road. Now, with the introduction of the commissionerate I hope things will improve.

Debasish Chatterjee,

• Manufacturers of all vehicles specify the maximum number of passengers it can safely carry and the authorities must check what the specified number of passengers is for autos. I do not think it can be more than three. No passenger should be allowed to sit in front, on either side of the driver.

Also, fares must be fixed and all auto drivers must carry fare charts. Or better still, let them have meters for passengers to pay unique fares for their rides.

Barun Kumar Basak,
CE Block

• The article mentioned that the police commissioner dodged questions about how he planned to rein in auto drivers. I hope the cops are serious in their pursuit to tame these drivers and I request The Telegraph Salt Lake to publish more articles highlighting how passengers and private car drivers suffer in the hands of auto drivers.

J. Mukherjee,
Address not given

• Autos are the biggest menace in the township. Though it was reassuring to hear the new commissioner make promises about reining in autos, one hopes that he delivers his promise quickly.

Subhas Sengupta,
Address not given

lI have been hit more than once by speeding autos, on the legs and on the knees. I had to rush to the chemist for first-aid and anti-tetanus shots so could not note down the auto’s registration number.

The drivers drive rashly, use foul language and overcharge. Anyone boarding an auto from Ultadanga after 10pm has to pay whatever the driver demands. I hope the commissionerate disciplines them.

P.B. Saha,
Labony Estate

• I like travelling by autos as they are open, airy and swift but those at City Centre always overcharge. I request the authorities to fix rates and fine offenders.

Nidhi Poddar,
CJ Block

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