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Size zero? Have a healthy diet instead

Patna, Jan. 17: Mrinal Pandey, a Class VII student of Notre Dame Academy, often wonders how some of her favourite Bollywood stars maintain a size zero figure and still remain healthy.

At an interactive session on adolescent health in her school today, she asked the speakers: “We are advised to have a nourishing and balanced diet. We are told that eating less food is not healthy. But what about the actresses who just drink juice and are still so fit and maintain a size zero figure? How do they manage?”

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Jyoti Agrawal, one of the speakers at the meet, told Mrinal: “Such actresses are God-gifted and they are few in number. But girls like you are many. It’s not possible for all of you to have the same figure even if you have the same food. So, it is better to have a healthy diet.”

Organised by the parents’ and teachers’ association of the school, the session focussed on adolescent health. While the speakers instructed the students to concentrate on careers and cultivate their talents, the curious girls also had many queries.

Agrawal’s co-speaker and clinical psychologist Dr Binda Singh told the students not to be preoccupied with their height. “Height is genetic. The child of tall parents can also be short because of genes inherited from grandparents.”

Another speaker, Dr Varsha Singh, said teenagers should try to develop their hidden talents. “At your age, complexion, height and other issues seem very important. But you should concentrate more on your inner qualities. Looks can come later.”

Singh, the medical consultant of State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, added: “A little skin therapy can take care of pimples and acne.”