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Tuesday , January 10 , 2012
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If you have been trying to decorate your small apartment according to feng shui, you might have faced some difficulties. Here are a few tips that can help you rearrange your apartment.


In most small apartments the doorway is either too small or a bit large. This can affect the energy of the house. If your door is large and you cannot do anything about it, then at least hang a wind chime over it, as it will equalise the negative effect. For small doors, you can place mirrors around them.


Leave your habit of throwing your shoes or slippers in the entrance of your apartment as it blocks the energy of the surrounding. You can instead use a shoe rack.

Concentrate on all the unseen corners of your home and also sort out your wardrobe.

Natural elements

You can use water elements in your house in the form of either a small fountain or an aquarium. The positioning of these is very important.


Keep the entrance of your house as light as possible so that it remains airy.

Try to add some lights at the entrance as it welcomes good energy to your house and also makes the ambience better.

Fresh & clean

You can use room fresheners for your apartment to keep it energetic. Wear clean clothes that make you feel good and confident. The kitchen is also an important part of your house. Therefore, its maintenance is equally important. Itís better to have an open kitchen as it saves a lot of space and looks better.

Feng shui products

You can add some feng shui products to your home to enhance the positive spectrum.

Ba-Gua Octagon

The Ba-Gua Octagon is said to attract a lot of positive energy and repel negative energy. It is better to hang it at the entrance. Feng shui bamboos are one of the most admired products and they even add to the beauty of your house.

Laughing Buddha

The smile of laughing Buddha in any corner of your house keeps you smiling all the day.


Feng shui crystals help maintain warmth in a relationship.


The tortoise is loved by the Chinese people. It is a symbol of stability, strength and support. The tortoise is said to live for 3,000 years and is, therefore, considered lucky.


The peach has long been regarded as a traditional symbol for good health, longevity and immortality.

Chinese coins

Old Chinese coins represent symbols of wealth. You can either wear them as amulets or spread them throughout your house.


Feng shui has products for love and romance too. One of these is the mandarin duck that is famous for everlasting love. The lute is famous for bringing harmony in a relationship.