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Wednesday , December 28 , 2011
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I grew up in Sydney in Australia. My grandfather was from Hong Kong, where we often went to meet him,

and my mother was of European origin. So I have imbibed the best of the Chinese and the European worlds in me. But I consider myself a Sydney boy and feel most at home in Australia because people here are very friendly, never bothering where you come from.

In school, I was well-mannered and shared a wonderful rapport with my classmates. But it was not cool being labelled a ‘‘good boy’’. I was timid and generally never did any mischief. However, there were those rare occasions when I did play harmless pranks. I still remember how we used to play hide and seek and intentionally hide in places where the school bells couldn’t be heard. In the process, we would end up missing class.

I was always in the good books of my teachers. My grades were good and I loved singing, reading and writing stories. I also liked playing tennis and at times soccer. My school days were fun and the credit goes to the teachers, as we were never put under any pressure.

When I was about 12, I took part in an opera. I played the lead role opposite a girl. That made me feel like a grown-up.

Compared to school, my time at home was a bit boring except for the vacations when we visited my grandfather. I have strong memories of him. When I was about 14 or so, we went to China for my aunt’s wedding. I still remember my grandfather waiting in a chauffeured limousine to take us back home. It was like a dream ride.

Another memory I’d like to share with you is of the tree house I built in our backyard. I was about 10 years old then. It gave me great pleasure to watch everyone from there while nobody could see what I was up to.

I feel like I am reliving my childhood days through the children’s books I write.