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I have very thin hair and my scalp looks sparse all the time. I have had hair extensions put in last month. However, since I went to a local salon I am not happy with the situation. I feel that my salon is not being able to guide me correctly about the after care. I am losing hair and it looks dry. Also, can extensions be coloured? I am not happy with the shade I have been given. Please help.


Hair care is essential to maintain healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. Hair with extensions needs a little extra nourishment.

Extensions last for a couple of months only, the duration depends on the growth rate of your hair. If hair extensions are attached to your hair that is already damaged or weak it will in all probability lead to more damage to your hair which can lead to hair loss.

Important after-care tips :

After getting your hair extensions done, do not shampoo your hair for 3 days, this allows time for the bonds to ‘set’ and become hard.

Before every shampoo, brush your hair in small sections, start brushing the hair at the hair ends and work your way up.

Always hold the extensions whilst brushing to avoid putting tension on the roots.

Wash your hair at least once a week to prevent natural oils from building up on the scalp.

Always use an oil free shampoo.

Do not rub or massage when shampooing your hair.

Never shampoo with head bending forward your head should be in an upright position to avoid tangling. Always use warm water to avoid matting.

Never oil or condition the bonds, condition from mid-length down to the ends only.

Get your extensions maintained every month by a professional extension stylist.

Replace the extensions in time, leaving it on longer than recommended may damage your hair. Always get them removed by a professional extension stylist.

Never colour the extensions, it will become frizzy, dull and difficult to manage.



I am very careful about cleansing and moisturising my skin every day. First thing in the morning I scrub my face and apply the Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser SPF 15 on my face and neck and the Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roll On. After that

I begin applying make up and that is a mix of everything. I have no rules about make-up. If I like it, I buy it.

I start with the L’Oreal Roll’on True Match followed by the Chambor Silver Shadow Poudre Compact to neutralise any shine. Next, I use a Chambor eyebrow pencil and the Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara, a dash of L’Oreal blush and Chambor’s Glitzy Gloss. Day make-up should always look fresh and natural. For the night time I only add a dark eye shadow for which I use a shade of black by Rimmel or maybe Indian kajal, which I’ve fallen in love with. I use Himalaya.

Before going to bed I remove all my make-up with Nivea Visage’s Refreshing Cleansing Milk, wash my face and apply Garnier Light Overnight Cream. For my hair, I use Marico’s Hair & Care Oil, which I apply two hours before washing my hair.