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Heartbreak and horror: Metro readers pour their hearts out

Hi Telegraph, this is the first time I am writing to you but with a broken heart. You have asked us to write about “any survivor or victim in the AMRI tragedy”, but is there any sensitive person who is still morally alive after this incident? Each time such an incident takes place, we feel bad for some time and that is it. It’s high time we did something... but what?

Please help.

Adrija Banerjee


How many more times do we have to hang our heads in shame? The people responsible should be given exemplary punishment so that all others running such public institutions remain
on their toes.

Alok Ganguly


None of the people who lost their lives in AMRI Dhakuria was known to me personally, but the bond I shared with them was that of humanity. My heart bleeds for the kin of all those who died such a miserable death.... Why is it that we wake up only after some precious lives have been lost? I just have one question: if hospitals are not safe, where will one go to be ‘saved’?

Bhavana Damani


I being a student am highly inspired by the incredible step taken by the two Martinians, Rishabh Badoni and Aavirash Mitra.... Hats off to their bravery.

Moumita Chakraborty,
St John’s Diocesan Girls High Secondary School



Safety at stake

The fire at AMRI Hospitals has revealed, once again, the pathetic safety and security conditions in the city and our reluctance to learn from past mistakes.

The government should consult security experts and put in place a foolproof long-term safety and security plan.

Tridib Biswas


A blame game starts every time there is an accident. Otherwise, we prefer to remain in a slumber.

The AMRI tragedy is no exception. If we do not wake up, the city will see many similar accidents. There should be routine checks to assess the fire-fighting preparedness of public properties such as hospitals, schools, markets and theatres in the city.

Amlan Chakraborty,
Dum Dum Road


Why are the government officials blaming the AMRI authorities? The government agencies concerned must have themselves obliged the hospital to get all the licences in the first place.

The government is to be blamed for the tragedy. It should take the blame on itself, as it is obvious that no hospital or organisation can run without greasing the palms of government babus.

Sanjay Agarwal,
Sambhu Nath Pandit Street


Counting bodies is not the job of a minister. The common people expect ministers to take prior action to safeguard their lives. We have no words to vent our anger and frustration.

T.K. Dutta


The AMRI authorities were not serious about their patients. When a ship sinks, the captain is the last person to leave. Shame on the hospital staff for leaving many patients to fend for themselves.

Ashish Kumar Bala


We have lost 90-odd loved ones. Every single person who died (or, rather, were killed) in the AMRI accident was a fellow citizen. We are ashamed the way that Calcutta shot into the national limelight.

Sagnik Chakraborty


Apropos “Hectic day, early rest”, December 12, there is no doubt that the directors were morally responsible for the tragedy. But I feel the CEO and the administrative staff are primarily responsible for the day-to-day running and upkeep of the hospital. It is surprising why these officials have not been rounded up too.

A.S. Mehta,
New Alipore




Rishabh and Aavirash, you make me proud. Your courage is praiseworthy. Keep it up. I also want to express my respect to your parents who gave you the inspiration to plunge into such an act.

Abhijit Chandra


I, as a mother of a Martinian, salute Rishabh and Aavirash. I am proud of them.

Bithi Chaudhuri


The brave act of Rishabh and Aavirash shows our country’s future is in the right hands.

Sudip Naha,
Swiss Park, Tollygunge


Rishabh and Aavirash are my seniors at school. I guess the whole city is proud of them. I am very sorry for the victims’ relatives. I, too, could have rushed to the hospital and tried to save some patients. But I was not aware of the incident before my father woke me up at 9am.

Iman Ghosh


Well done, guys, and may there be more of you. But I wonder whether the authorities will ever learn a lesson. With the Stephen Court disaster still fresh in my mind, this was all the more shocking.

Shahwar Kibria


Rishabh and Aavirash, your effort shows that humanity is still alive. Great job, well done!

Amit Choudhary

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