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Sunday , December 11 , 2011
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When Net is gross
A war has been declared in cyberspace. The weapons of mass destruction are a spate of barbed posts that are being aimed at leaders of the Congress. “Kapil Sibal’s censorship Bill will be called Social Networking Inspection Act (SONIA),”...  | Read.. 
Eat, love, laugh
Daddy’s little girl has grown up at last. Sonam Kapoor actor Anil Kapoor’s once chubby child who is now quite a s ...  | Read.. 
Food for thought
Everything was going unbelievably well. My husband and I shifted to a one-bedroom apartment in Bandra. I was soon everywhere, ...  | Read.. 
Sex and the City of Joy
One of the great pleasures of life that Richard Blechynden indulged in was in swapping gossip with his friends about the dall ...  | Read.. 
Mum’s the word
celebrity circus
The first hint came in April when Aamir Khan nonchalantly attended the release of Dr Firuza Parikh’s book, The Co ...  | Read.. 
Christmas with cut-price champagne
Sweet sisters
Tariq’s take
Double take
Cancer ward
Tittle tattle
BARBED WIRE: A morphed picture and some of the controversial posts
When Net is gross
No to no
Bird binge
New ballgame
Dirty daze
‘So much to do! I am already tired and we haven’t even begun’