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Thursday , December 8 , 2011
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Krav Maga

Y es, you can use self-defence to protect your children and yourself. That was the message loud and clear at a Krav Maga session held at wellness centre Solace (4 Sunny Park) last week. Or perhaps your children could protect you, we learnt, as eight-year-old Kakoli Roy instructed us to go upstairs to her classroom.

Her instructor Ashish Roy told us more about the emerging martial art form that is being taught at Solace for the past two years. Essentially meaning ‘contact combat’, its main rule is: ‘follow no rule’. “Krav Maga is all about the human body’s natural reflexes. We need to be trained to react with tactical moves and Krav Maga does just that,” said Roy.

“Unlike karate, it’s simple and easy, and has been drawing more women and children recently. Initially, mainly young men signed up for the classes but the past year has been phenomenal with women and children coming in too. Even five to seven-year-olds come for the classes,” he added.

The first step to getting children to adopt Krav Maga is making them understand why. “Children cannot just be instructed to act a certain way. You have to make them relate to it, build a storyline and teach them to act accordingly. What if someone grabs the child’s hand? The child must know if he should kick, bite or scream instead of just giving in to the stranger’s strength,” added Vikram Kapoor, the man who brought Krav Maga to India from the war-riddled country of Israel. In fact, one of the main principles behind the defence form is “to be prepared for war, if you want some peace”.

The martial art form, which “trains people to build their mental alertness”, can be used by women to combat the enemy when in high heels or long hair. “However, regular practice is a must,” said Roy.

His students seemed to agree. “I believe, the more we sweat here, the less we bleed out there,” said Kaustav Nandi, one of the first students of the Calcutta chapter.

  • Krav Maga uses techniques like wrestling and grappling.
  • One of the main objectives is to finish a fight as quickly as possible. Hence, it targets vulnerable parts of the body like the eyes, nose, throat, groin and knee.
  • It helps you stay mentally alert by taking stock of your surroundings for escape routes or objects that can help you defend yourself.