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Friday , August 5 , 2011
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Parliament is a screaming mess, and India is ashamed and deeply disappointed with the careless, and often callous, manner in which the leadership behaves and operates. Our elected representatives have ignored every sign of public despair over the decades. This has led to profound anger simmering under the seemingly quiet surface. This business of consciously allowing wrongdoings to rule the landscape, or being in denial about the all-encompassing corruption, which has been suffocating life in this nation, has shown the community of politicians to be a breed that is unacceptable and illegitimate.

Is there a difference in the behaviour patterns of gangs involved in gang wars and the ruling party sparring with the Opposition? The crude and messy altercations we are witnessing in Parliament and on television screens make one squirm because our leaders are being shown up for what they really are. The worst aspect of this dreadful charade is that they themselves do not see their true visage. This deep scorn for the political class is a dangerous truth for a young democracy at a time when the people of this nation are reaching out to their country and to the world. The rulers, both the politician and the administrator, have failed India. After all, inclusive growth can be measured not by absurd, fudged figures but by the gross national happiness of the people across all socio-economic strata.

The exploitative and corrupt nature of governance has been exposed. Past misdemeanours are throttling the system. Leaders are running for cover, blaming the messengers of truth which, though exaggerated, is intrinsically correct. There seems to be no urge to spin the reality differently, to provide formulae for urgent and immediate correctives. It is believed that the political advisors of the ruling party are suggesting that this was bound to happen in the second term, and that there is nothing to worry about because it will soon die down.

Make way

They know no better than to operate the present system by ‘horse-trading’ with money and favours for getting the required numbers to ensure the survival of the coalition. Hence, these self-appointed pundits are running about saying that if the Congress gets even two seats more than the Bharatiya Janata Party, it will be the single largest party next time round and will be able to win over greedy individuals to the coalition. In all of this, there seems to be no concern whatsoever for India. There is no thinking and certainly no commitment towards a radical overhaul of redundant laws to revive this country by setting fresh, modern standards.

The present generation of leadership must quit. Had these leaders passed on naturally, India would have found its new leaders. The arguments that younger politicians do not work hard enough, are not assertive, do not understand the politics of caste and class, lack experience, and so on are hog-wash circulated by those who have shamed us as a nation by clinging to their chairs despite the lack of moral authority. Those perceived to have failed must resign or retire gracefully. They must make way for the cleansing of India. Their legacy leaves much to be desired. They are responsible for various misdeeds, from the destruction of natural habitats and heritage to the poisoning of our sacred rivers. They have murdered the ethos and strengths of this civilization.

India must be allowed to breathe new life into its body politic. It must be saved from further destruction as its rulers work furiously to cover up the lies and wrongdoings that have beset us. We need proactive leaders who are on top of their jobs and responsibilities, who have the guts to call the shots and who do not pass the buck.

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