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A boy bought a model aeroplane from a toy shop.

Shopkeeper: The money that you have given me is not real!

Boy: The plane that you have given me isn’t real either!

Swati Baisnabi, Class VII, St Joseph’s Convent School, Rourkela, Orissa


Old man: What is wrong with me, doctor?

Doctor: You have an eye problem.

Old man: How can you say that without even examining me?

Doctor: Simple. The signboard outside says that I am a vet and you have still come in.

Sayan Tapadar, Class IV, Don Bosco School, Liluah, West Bengal


First man: God, please give me a room full of gold.

Second man: God, please give me a room full of diamonds.

Third man: God, please give me the keys to both their rooms.

Shruti Singh, Class IV, Delhi Public School, Patna, Bihar


Mother: Raghav, you have failed in the exam but you want to throw a party?

Raghav: Yes. Because I have got the highest marks amongst those who have failed.

Brasel Borkakoty, Class VI, Don Bosco High School, Tezpur, Assam


Frog: Please tell me something about my future.

Astrologer: You will meet a beautiful girl in a few days.

Frog: Where will I meet her?

Astrologer: In her school’s laboratory during a biology class.

Meghamitra Dutta, Class VII, Springdale High School, Kalyani, West Bengal


Sam: What is the difference between unlawful and illegal?

Pamela: Unlawful means against the law. Ill-eagle is a sick bird.

Mansi Chandak, Class VIII, Rajasthan Vidya Mandir, Calcutta


Raja: Daddy, why do you wear a mask in the operation theatre?

Father: To make sure that nobody can identify me if anything goes wrong.

Abantika Saha, Class VI, Carmel School, Durgapur, West Bengal


During an exam, Teacher: Manoj, why do you look so stressed? Did you forget your pen?

Manoj: No, ma’am.

Teacher: Pencil?

Manoj: No! You are worried about pens and pencils when I have brought the wrong chits!

Sukanya: Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?


Mom: Yes, why?

Sukanya: I need an apple right now. I broke the doctor’s window.

Teacher: Tina, make a sentence using ‘polygon’.

Tina: My parrot Polly flew away. I wonder where has Polly gone!


Man: I can’t sleep. I keep on dreaming about a door with a sign on it. No matter how much I push, it doesn’t open.

Psychiatrist: What does the sign say?

Man: Pull.

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