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Teacher: George, go to the map and find North America. George: Here it is!

Teacher: (Turning to the class) Now tell me who discovered North America.

Students: George!

Devansh Sinhal, Class V, St Joseph’s School, Siliguri, West Bengal


Mohan: What a strange pair of

socks you are wearing!

Pappu: Yes, but strangely I have another such pair!

Sritama Biswas, Class V, Kanchrapara Indian Girls’ High School, Kanchrapara, West Bengal


Mother: Why are you staring at the bottle of apple juice, Ankit?

Ankit: Because the label on the bottle says ‘concentrate’.

Once a fat boy fell off

the roof of his house.

Boy: Am I still alive?

Nurse: You are alive. The four people you landed on have died though.

Ananya Dutta, Class VI, St Xavier’s Institution, Sodepur, West Bengal


Kunal: Amit, where is your father?

Amit: He left the earth recently.

Kunal: Oh no! I didn’t know that. I am so sorry for your loss.

Amit: No, no! He is an astronaut and is on a space expedition.


Priya: Do you believe in free speech?

Gautam: Of course, I do. Why are you asking me this?

Priya: Good. Then I can use your phone to make a few calls.


Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ashoke: I want to be a veterinary surgeon.

Teacher: Why?

Ashoke: Because animals never file cases against their doctors.


Thief: I got caught robbing a bank last night.

Friend: How did you get caught?

Thief: I made a mistake. I started counting the money inside the bank itself.


Teacher: Where is your homework?

Sanchita: I have eaten it, ma’am.

Teacher: Why did you do that?

Sanchita: Because you said that it was a piece of cake!


Mother: Lucy, why is Rahul crying?

Lucy: Because I am eating my cake and I have said that I will not share it with him.

Mother: Where is his cake?

Mother: He was crying when I was eating that as well.


Teacher: I don’t understand how one person can make so many mistakes in his homework, Neel!

Neel: I didn’t do it alone, ma’am. My mother helped me.


Judge: Is it true that you threw a chair at your husband?

Woman: Yes, Your Honour. I did.

Judge: Why did you do such a thing?

Woman: Because the table was too heavy to lift.


A man caught a pickpocket who had managed to take his wallet.

Man: You should be ashamed.

Pickpocket: You should be too, with only Rs 10 in your wallet!

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