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Sunday , June 5 , 2011
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To Emilie, with love
From the second week of June 1934, [Subhas Chandra] Bose settled down in Vienna, since he had a contract from the publishing company Wishart to write a book on the Indian struggle since 1920. In the course of looking for clerical help with preparing ...  | Read.. 
Sights of sound
The sun dips into the Ganga, like a suddenly upturned bottle of orange paint. The tinkling bells of the evening prayers are l ...  | Read.. 
Thrill with 3D
If you are a fan of 3D films, you needn’t look to James Cameron’s Avatar or the recently released mythologic ...  | Read.. 
My space, before I’m born
social media
My future daughter hasn’t even been conceived yet, but I already Googled her name and bought the domain. Other than my ...  | Read.. 
A Bhatt in the Bhatt mould
celebrity circus
The success of Haunted 3D has put filmmaker Vikram Bhatt in the spotlight. And to think this time last year, the only ...  | Read.. 
Kapadia is king of the castle
Good author
Model Mala
India AD
Tittle tattle
WIFE AND DAUGHTER: Emilie and Anita, November 1948. Courtesy: Netaji Research Bureau
To Emilie, with love
T for tipplers
Gym ready
White mischief
Mother nature
‘I deeply regret the lack of archiving in the Indian film industry’