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Thursday , June 2 , 2011
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Ready to roll

She wowed us as Aamir Khan’s Kalpana in Ghajini. And she is back as Sanjana this Friday, opposite Salman Khan in Anees Bazmee’s Ready. Asin, the beauty from down south, talks to t2 on her look in the film and what keeps her looking fab!

Your have a girl-next-door look in Ready

You will get to see me in both casual and formal wear. Living in a joint family, there are a lot of scenes where Sanjana is attending family functions. So when she is in front of the elderly family members, she is a little more conservatively dressed. It is definitely a girl-next-door look.

Do you like dressing casually in real life too?

Well, it depends on the occasion. If it is not an event or a promotion, then I wear smart casuals. For dinner, I opt for something slightly formal; for lunch or a brunch, a trendy day dress works well. If I am hanging out with friends, I’ll be in jeans and top. But what I am most comfortable in is shorts and tees!

You’ve brought the curves back to Bollywood…

I believe in being healthy and fit and not in the changing trends. Women are supposed to be curvaceous — majority of the people find that attractive! I don’t recommend a size zero but if that is someone’s natural metabolism, then it’s okay.

Which Bolly actress do you relate to the most?

Somehow, I can connect with Kajol. She has always been very carefree. She has never been somebody tied down by fashion trends. She has always worn what is comfortable for her. And she is a good performer too.

How do you keep in fab shape?

Given our schedules, it is very difficult but I try and maintain a regular exercise routine. I do mainly cardio and some light-weights. Basically, I eat right and healthy, drink a lot of water and get the adequate amount of sleep. But all this is easier said than done!

What is eating right for you?

It would mean having a balanced diet and not going by fad diets, which are temporary. Understanding the nutritional needs of your body and giving yourself that, so that it is right for you...

Does tasty health food exist for you?

Yes, traditional Kerala food can make a balanced meal if you cut down on the carbs. The basic idli-sambhar is also a balanced meal. It has the adequate amount of carbs and the vegetables in the sambhar give you protein and nutrients. Don’t have too much oil. It is all about trying to get the portions right.

Is that what you have grown up on?

I have grown up on Kerala food as I am from Kerala. My parents were very conscious of giving me the right kind of food and maintaining its nutritional content while washing the vegetables and cooking them. I have a lot of coconut water to hydrate myself and I avoid fast food. I love eating Chakkakuru-Manga, which is jackfruit seeds with mango curry… it is yum! It is healthy as well. Among non-vegetarian items, I like any preparation of prawn.

What keeps you glowing?

Again, very basic things. In order to have a healthy skin, it is essential to hydrate it. Eat good food. That’s internal. Externally, let your skin breathe. Try and remove all traces of make-up before you sleep. Use a good cleanser and keep a good face wash at hand. It is also important to protect your skin from sun damage. Carry an umbrella as much as possible.

Coming back to films, apart from Ready, what else do we get to see you in?

I start on Housefull 2. Ready releases on June 3 and the next day, I fly off to London for a month-and-a half. It is an out-and-out comedy directed by Sajid Khan, starring Akshay Kumar and John (Abraham).


Salman (Khan) is a very supportive co-star and is also a lot of fun to be around with. I understand his sense of humour and appreciate the fact that he is forthright. He knows that he can joke with me because I will take it in the right sense. Salman can be funny and give a great performance at the same time, without even changing his tone to seriousness. You have to really be on your toes because you don’t know what he will come up with!


Aamir (Khan) is also fun-loving, but when it comes to work, he is a lot more serious. When shooting a scene, Aamir ensures that everybody is on the same page. If he has to improvise, he will first consult the director, then inform his co-star and then probably go ahead. With Salman, there is no discussion! (Laughs)

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