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Sunday , March 13 , 2011
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Japan rush to aid survivors
Japan today mobilised a nationwide rescue effort to pluck survivors from collapsed buildings and rush food and water to thousands in an earthquake and tsunami zone under siege, without water, electricity, heat or telephone service. ...  | Read.. 
Industrial heart escapes blows
As bad as the toll might eventually be in lives and property from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, the fact that the disaster hit far from Japan’s industrial hea ...  | Read.. 
5 people washed away on US coast
The Tsunami that devastated the east coast of Japan yesterday could have claimed its first life on US soil after raging the breadth of the Pacific to America’s west ...  | Read.. 
Devastated but Japan did the best it could
The toll is rising but Japan did manage to save countless lives through years of preparations for the worst. Some of the practices Japan follows...  | Read.. 
Underage Facebook users raise concern
The fake ID has gone digital, and spread to elementary school. ...  | Read.. 
A father and son look at the remains of their home in Sendai, Japan. (AP)
Girl for Posh
Battered rebels try to keep spirits up
The rebels carried Fathi Ali down a dirt road to his grave...  | Read.. 
Gaddafi tightens grip, Arabs for no-fly zone
Muammar Gaddafi tightened his grip today on the coastal road linking his territory to the rebel-con..  | Read..