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Thursday , February 24 , 2011
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Did you know that like humans, dogs and cats too can fall prey to heart attack? You can at least express your uneasiness, pain or discomfort, but think of your four-legged friends — stricken by the same symptoms, they would be helpless. No wonder it is very difficult for dog-owners to know whether their pet is suffering from heart disease or not. But take heart, it’s possible to observe your pet’s movements, track changes in behavioural patterns and identify some symptoms of heart disease.

Watch your cat or dog for the following symptoms. All of them are common in case of heart disease:

They get tired easily, sit in one place for a long time and are reluctant to move. They pant heavily after climbing stairs and spend a lot of time sleeping.

A dry cough is another symptom common in older dogs with heart disease, especially at night. If your dog’s cough does not get cured even after a round of antibiotics and other medicines, consult your vet for an ECG.

Sometimes, water accumulates between the heart muscles due to cardiac enlargement, in which case the lungs cannot expand properly, resulting in a chronic dry cough.

Your dog appears depressed, there are swellings on the body, he/she suffers from breathing trouble — all of these are indications of heart trouble.

In case of a severe heart attack, the animal feels chest pain and has difficulty in breathing, which he/she expresses by stretching the neck sideways. The animal may also fall unconscious or have convulsions.

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