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Sunday , December 5 , 2010
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Smut is smart
Octogenarian Sardar Boota Singh is proud of his pornography collection. Singh also likes to recount his sexual escapades in lurid detail. “Sex is the most potent force in our lives and governs most of our actions,” the good Sardar tells a f...  | Read.. 
Fission statement
Praveen Gavankar, a farmer and trader of Alphonso mangoes, is fighting a losing battle. His 150-acre farm, where he has been ...  | Read.. 
Eat well, keep well
Imagine having a pear which had literally grown 10 metres away from where I’d ended my jog, and add to that the fact tha ...  | Read.. 
That old road to Burma
For the past eight months, it’s rained practically every day in Assam, giving the countryside a dazzling shade of green. ...  | Read.. 
Star dads
celebrity circus
There’s a little debate going on in Mumbai over the choice of Peepli [Live] as India’s entry to the Oscars t ...  | Read.. 
How happy are British Indians?
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Bibi’s bag
Win win
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Smut is smart
American dream
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Hello Dolly
‘The CPI(M) urgently needs a change in leadership; the sooner the better’