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Saturday , November 27 , 2010
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Party till they part
How many times have you watched a film and wondered whether its two halves have been directed by the same person? How many times have you come back with a bucket of popcorn post-interval and double-checked to ensure you were sitting in the right movi...  | Read.. 
Lost in transit       
The picture book Big Bigger and Biggest Trucks and Diggers comes with what its publisher describes as “an action- ...  | Read.. 
Have a good time, watch a bad movie
If you are in the mood to revisit some of the bad movies of last summer — there was no shortage — then RED may be just ...  | Read.. 
Raja Sen tells t2 why he isn’t quite content with his Friday offering Laboratory, starring Raveena Tandon, ...  | Read.. 
‘Rabbo thinks I’m like Nila!’
After her not-so-pleasant comeback with Ekti Tarar Khonje, Arpita is riding high on her seductress act in La ...  | Read.. 
New Town news
News. It’s not a very restaurant-y name but when Amitabh Rai spells it...  | Read.. 
Designs on you
Sienna — the saris and home decor store that opened recently at E 102, firs...  | Read.. 
Tummy Tucker
Now, do not stop me from singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. This nurse...  | Read.. 
Three cheers
Looking at the new Karma Fitness Studio at P545 Lake Road, first floor (nea...  | Read.. 
Swank and stark — these two words best describe the leather accessories sto...  | Read.. 
Break ke baad
Party till they part