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Friday , October 29 , 2010
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Web wows

If you belong to the tribe that lacks the gift of gifting right, is a website you will want to keep bookmarked. The gift portal, on which you can track the progress of your purchase and call up customer service for an update, ensures that your friends and loved ones get their birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts right on time.

Online gift sites may come a dime a dozen, but excitinglives stands out for its variety. From forever favourites like flowers and chocolates — which you can have delivered at midnight along with a cake and a bottle of wine — it offers personalised gifts like posters, photo-print mugs, pillows and quilts, and also chic jewellery and elegant home decor. There are personalised, cuddly Barney videos for children. You can even find quirky gifts like a talking Betty Boop, Homer Simpson coasters, 3D flashing T-shirts or even “nothing” — a nicely wrapped empty bottle for those who claim they want “nothing” for their birthday!

He likes his drink? Give him a cute set of Bhojpuri shot glasses, which cheekily declare: “Daaru tumhaar shot glass hamaar”, a “Beer lover” USB drive, a USB beer cooler, a minibar tool set or a jet-setter hip flask. Or pick a Great Evening Out package, which includes a stylish gift pack with a personal message from you along with shopping vouchers and a meal ticket at a fancy hotel. The vouchers are available in all denominations and can be used on different occasions over a year. Buying a piece of the moon and naming a star after a loved one are also options you could explore.

Then there are pamper packages — an exotic Shiatsu or Balinese massage, a chocolate spa treatment or a foot massage. For a little extra something, you can send someone you love on a wine trail. Starting at Rs 135 (fridge magnets, tiny recession beer mugs, personalised posters) the price tags go up to Rs 149,000 (combat flight, hot-air balloon ride, Formula 1 experience) to help you chose a perfect gift that’s right for your wallet too.

So, the next time you fall short on imagination, you know where to log on for inspiration.

Madhurima Chatterjee

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