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A year-and a half after Janala (still unreleased), filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta is ready to hit the floors this November with Anwarer Aschorjyo Kahini, starring Rudranil Ghosh and Indraneil Sengupta. A t2 chat…

What is Anwarer Aschorjyo Kahini all about?

The story revolves around Anwar, played by Rudranil (Ghosh). It’s based on an unpublished story written by me six-seven years back. Anwar is a Muslim boy and a private detective by profession. His job requires him to follow various people every day and so there are many small stories in the film. Anwar is not very educated. He is born and brought up in a middle-class Muslim family in Murshidabad. Anwar comes to Calcutta and finds a job in a local detective agency. Through his job, which involves following various people around, we get a glimpse of his life. On the surface it’s a thriller, there are also scenes that may evoke laughter but there’s a deeper story beneath.

Why did you choose Rudranil as Anwar?

Rudranil wasn’t my first choice, but when I saw him for the first time, I felt he fit the bill. See, Anwar is a boy from a lower-middle class family and so I did not want someone with very sharp features. I have heard a lot about Rudranil’s acting, though I haven’t seen his films. Ideally this role should have gone to a newcomer, but I couldn’t find anyone suitable.

Who else is there in the film?

I’ve cast Indraneil Sengupta in a very important role. He plays a married man who is bored of his life and wants to break free from the mundane. One day he gets lost and then Anwar tracks him down. I have cast Priyanka in a very important role too. She plays Sudha, who is very disturbed with her life. Anwar follows her too.

Why did you choose this subject?

I was toying with a lot of other stories as well. Usually I take a two-year break after each film. After completing Janala, I zeroed in on a lot of other stories. Then I saw an ad in Anandabazar Patrika’s classified section about Globe Detectives. I started thinking what kind of people work there? What kind of a profession this might be and then I created Anwar, who works for a private detective agency.

You know there are cases in which the cops cannot intervene. Like when the parents of a daughter want her to get married and they want to gather all information about the would-be groom, what would they do? Then people hire these private detectives. Then how would a husband find out about the wife’s affair? I wanted to explore a detective’s life.

And when I started writing the script of Anwarer Aschorjyo Kahini I got very involved, emotionally involved with the story. There’s an element of suspense, fantasy, thrill, intrigue…. In that sense it’s different from the kind of films I have made so far.

How is it different?

See, all my films are different. But then I have a style of filmmaking which is there in all of them. I can’t break away from my style because a certain section of the audience that watches my films likes the way I tell my stories. Anwarer Aschorjyo Kahini will make the audience laugh. Besides this is a one-man story so that way it’s different. But that doesn’t mean that my target audience will change. I have the same audience in mind and the festival circuit.

Calcutta apart, where else will you shoot Anwarer Aschorjyo Kahini?

I will go for a recce soon. I want a place where there’s a meandering river. Not a tourist destination, neither a picture-postcard place. But a place where people will like to stay forever. I don’t want too much greenery either.

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