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‘Our generation has moved on’

Will this verdict or any unrest caused by it create any difference between Nayantara Dasgupta, one of my best friends, and me? Never.

It will not make an iota of difference to us.

Religion is important but only at the personal level. It does not dictate our social existence as human beings.

The verdict may be important as a medium of justice but it must not disrupt our lives.

I am really disappointed today — because I could not attend college and a debate that I was looking forward to attending had to be postponed.

Missing out on what I wanted to do because of the fear of clashes following the verdict is exactly what I don’t want.

I was six months old during the Babri Masjid riots of 1992 and though I have heard horror stories, I frankly fail to relate to what happened almost 20 years back.

In fact, while I was Googling about it I found out that the Ayodhya case dates back several decades!

Our generation has moved on. I want to reiterate that it does not matter to us. Yes, my friends and I have talked about the issue once, but that was more to compare what we had heard from our parents.

I don’t understand how one decision or one particular issue can compel us to ignore that Muslims and Hindus have been living in this country in peace and harmony for hundreds of years.

For our generation, which is the country’s future, it is India first. Everything else comes after that.

We don’t want to cripple the country by sticking to this issue — that is what makes a country with the potential to be the best, backward. There are so many other important things we need to focus on.

Take the Commonwealth Games. If we had given that half as much importance, we wouldn’t have landed in such a mess and been seen in such poor light, internationally.

I want to appeal to everyone saying that while religion is important, we are, above all, human beings who live for peace, love and harmony.

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