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Shambu: Whose photograph is that?

Raju: It’s my family doctor’s.

Shambu: Why have you kept his picture on your study table?

Raju: He has asked me to see him whenever I get a headache.

Tryambak Dasgupta, Class VII, Aditya Academy (Secondary), Calcutta


Question: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Answer: That is not possible. You will never find an elephant with one hand!

Shebati Kundu, Class VI, Calcutta Girls’ High School, Calcutta


Suparna: Be ready tomorrow. We’ll go to Diamond Harbour.

Brinda: Really? That will be awesome! I’ve never seen a harbour made of diamonds.

Dipanwita Sarkar, Class VI, Springdale High School, Halisahar, West Bengal


The teacher asked Sunny what he wants to be in the future.

Sunny: Sir, I want to be a teacher.

Teacher: Really? Why do you want to be a teacher?

Sunny: Then I wouldn’t have to do any more homework.

Archisman Podder, Class VIII, St Mary’s Orphanage & Day School, Calcutta


Teacher: Maria please point out America on the map.

Maria: (pointing) Here it is.

Teacher: Well done. Now Rani, please tell me who found America?

Rani: Maria.

Ricky, Class VIII, D.A.V. Public School, Jharkhand


A man, who is almost bald, goes to a barber.

Man: How much will you take to cut my hair?

Barber: Rs 20.

Man: What? That’s too much! Why will you take so much?

Barber: Well, I will take Rs 8 for cutting your hair and Rs 12 for finding it!

Sounava Pal, Class VIII, Makardah Bamasundari Institution, Howrah, West Bengal


Reena: How do ants help us?

Gita: Ants help us by leading us to where our mothers have hidden the sweets!

Manaswita Buragohain, Class VII, Holy Name, Sivasagar, Assam


Man: Where’s your partner today? You never sit alone.

Beggar: He has gone to see a film, sir.

Man: But all these years I thought he was blind!

Kushal Saha, Class VIII, Birbhum Zilla School, Suri, West Bengal


Teacher: Can anyone tell me what a cyclone is?

Student: It’s a loan given to purchase a cycle.

Manisha Saraogi, Class VIII,

Mahadevi Birla Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Calcutta


Question: On which bed can no human being rest?

Answer: The seabed.

Yusra Mohiuddin, Class VII, Saifee Hall, Calcutta

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